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  • Project X

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      Project X consists of a very diverse group of musicians which include both male and female lead singers. As a result, Project X performs a powerful combination of all the best Rock, Pop, Punk, Hip Hop, Alternative, Reggae, and Dance music from the 60's to now. With a song list containing a wide genre of music ranging from Heart, Katy Perry, Evanescence, Prince, Guns N' Roses, Bruno ...

  •  Xenethor

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    Xenethor is a comic.    Rosebud.

  • Larry XL

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    ABOUT LARRY XL Larry XL is a favorite with audiences up and down the East Coast and across Canada. He's been a finalist in comedy competitions in Baltimore and neighboring cities like Washington, DC and Philadelphia. Larry XL has performed in some of the nation's best comedy clubs including the Borgata in Atlantic City, and has opened for the likes of Bobby Slayton, John Witherspoon, ...