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  • Paul W. Downs

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     Paul W. Downs is an actor, writer, and comedian. Named "Best Emerging Comic" at this year's Excellence In Comedy NY (ECNY) Awards, Paul is a member of former UCB Harold Teams Whorenado and Penthouse Riot. Paul makes digital shorts and other weird things with Lucia Aniello, under the name Paulilu. Paulilu's latest weird thing, The Paul Downs Syndrome, is a solo sketch show that was...

  • Justin Wade

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    Justin Wade is a comedian. actor and writer, known for The Pretty Boy Project (2006), Here's Jane (2014) and Man Jam (2015).

  • Munch Wade

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  • Trevor Wade

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  • Cat Wagner

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    Cat Wagner looks like the type of person who would get by on looks alone, but she got bullied a ton for wearing a back brace in high school, so fortunately, she developed a personality. She commands audiences by reeling them in with impressions of her Nicaraguan mother, then taking them on a journey through her mistakes- like the time she got married when she was 19 and the time she got divorced a...

  • Joe Wagner

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    Joe Wagner is a comedy writer and producer with credits in all formats of disposable TV.

  • Sarah Collette Wagner

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    Sarah Collette is originally from a huge town of 7,000 called Eureka, Missouri.  Her first attempt at stand-up was the open mic night at the St. Louis Funny Bone.  Since moving to Los Angeles she has performed at venues around town including the Comedy Store, the Federal Bar, and Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank.  Sarah Collette has also trained with Second City Chicago and UCB in Lo...

  • Vicki Wagner

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      Vicki Wagner was born in Chicago, IL to two bikers in the Devil’s Disciple’s Motorcycle Club, which is a franchise of the Hell’s Angels. Her parents did not worship the devil- they just wanted to sound scary- kind of like the Gay Republicans. Growing up with such characters as Rat, Snake and Mad Man Moe, she developed a rare insight into a world most fear. After years...

  • David Wain

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    David Benjamin Wain (born August 1, 1969) is an American comedian, writer, actor and director. He is best known for the feature films Role Models, Wet Hot American Summer, the 1990s' sketch comedy series The State, and the Comedy Central show Stella. Wain was a founding member of Stella, along with Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black.

  • Dave Waite

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    Los Angeles-based comedian Dave Waite is a charismatic oddball whose shows are non-stop fun.  Thanks in part to stellar performances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central’s not safe with Nikki Glaser, Comedy Centrals “Live at Gotham” and Last Comic Standing, comedy fans everywhere are enthralled by the Kentucky Native’s offbeat outlook on life. Dave is a b...

  • Charles Walden

    Charles Walden View Profile

    Charles Walden gives his audiences the most inspirational laughing good time they have had in a while.  Charles Walden a seven-year veteran to comedy is challenged by Cerebral Palsy which has become a unique theme to his show. Charles Walden has taken his comedy to the stages of BETs Comic View, Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment and even Def Comedy Jam’s All-Star Season. &nbs...

  • Space Walk

    Space Walk View Profile

    A space walk is a slow, calculated matter of trust in which someone ventures into the unknown on a journey of discovery.  This is akin to what Andrew and Tim do together on stage.  Get ready to feel, hold your breath and then release it in a burst of laughter as we invite you to go on a space walk with us.

  • The Walkens

    The Walkens View Profile

    The Walkens are quickly proving to be one of the Valley's hottest and most exciting bands. The band's veteran lineup consists of former members of some of the area’s most notable bands such as T.A.T.E., The Scones, Zowie Bowie and Frank Lloyd Vinyl. The combination of their widely varied backgrounds and musicianship results in a collaboration that can entertain any crowd. Over the years, th...

  • Tim walkeo

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  • Ben Walker

    Ben Walker View Profile

      I love making art. And I love making people laugh. Also I love making art for people who make people laugh. I've created show posters for comedians like Dana Gould and Maria Bamford, animation for the Adam Carolla Show, and my original portraits of comedians hang in San Francisco's legendary Cobb's Comedy Club.   I am Art Director and Co-producer of the San F...

  • Constance Walker

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  • Jay Walker

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  • Jay Wendell Walker

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    Jay Wendell Walker has been described by critical reviews as the “Heavy Weight Champion of Comedy”. Raised in a family of Vaudeville performers, his career began at age 18. Show business has taken Jay Wendell as far south as Mexico, and as far north as Alaska and Canada. Jay is well known for his cross-generational appeal, dynamic monologues and hilarious facial expressions. His story ...

  • Jimmie Walker

    Jimmie Walker View Profile

    Whether it's his first love of performing stand-up or captivating millions with his Emmy Winning role as "J.J. Evans" in the iconic television series “Good Times,” Jimmie Walker has now been entertaining audiences around the world for over four decades Raised in the South Bronx, He went to Dewitt Clinton and Theodore Roosevelt High School ...Jimmie first achieved succ...

  • Jimmy Walker

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  • Johnny Walker

    Johnny Walker View Profile

    Johnny Walker is a comedian who lives in Los Angeles. He has performed at hundreds of colleges.

  • Matt Walker

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    Matt Walker is a Southern California based stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. He tours frequently with Mike Muratore (as seen onOperation Repo) and Stephen Kramer Glickman (from Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and Comedy Central’s Workaholics), and has played shows at every type of venue imaginable. He counts as his major influences Louis C.K., Ron White, Dave Attell, ...

  • Reggie Walker

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    Reggie Walker is a Tempe native and graduate of Arizona State University where he managed to cram a 4-year degree into a mere 12.5 years (just eclipsing his father's mark by one semester!). His style has been described as 'wrinkled'. The Los Angeles Times calls Walker's act, 'Wait, I'm sorry, who?' But seriously, Reggie has been performing for 13 years and has wo...

  • Tracie Walker

    Tracie Walker View Profile

    Traci is the kind of female comic i really enjoy. She is smart and unapologetic with just a little bit of an edge. She's also the kind of comic who doesn't walk away from playing a room because it is difficult; she embraces the challenge and does well even with the deck stacked against her. She is described as empowering and inspirational and funny for keeping it real sharing her life exper...

  • Tim Walkoe

    Tim Walkoe View Profile

    "Nonstop laughter from start to finish" is what the Chicago Tribune had to say about the stand up comedy performance of Tim Walkoe going on to comment "Walkoe's rapid fire delivery and shoot from the hip style leaves audiences laughing so hard it's hard to catch up to the next joke". Tim is a veteran headliner at over 100 comedy clubs nationwide including the Com...

  • Brett Walkow

    Brett Walkow View Profile

    For over 15 years, Brett has enjoyed creating a vast array of characters for original comedy shows in which he starred, co-wrote, directed, and produced. The shows have featured Brett on The Tonight Show, Seinfeld, E! TV, Comic Relief, HBO, and as recurring characters on MTV... just to name a few. Things kicked up another notch for Brett when he went on to co-star with heavyweight champ James T...

  • J.J. Wall

    J.J. Wall View Profile

    J.J. Wall is an actor, writer, and producer who many credits include Brothers,Arrested Development, and Blossom. He has a unique comedic style and is definitely worth seeing live if you get a chance.

  • Brian Wallace

    Brian Wallace View Profile

    Brian Wallace was an awkward youth who took to the stage primarily so he could kiss girls. But even in high school he was mostly given the character parts: old men, dandies, immigrants and some incarnation of "the Man" every February.  After an earlier life spent traveling in England, Russia and Rhode Island, which he refuses to discuss, Brian spent several years in NYC, where he...

  • Claudia Michelle Wallace

    Claudia Michelle Wallace View Profile

    Claudia Michelle Wallace (Ensemble) is a native Chicagoan, attended Columbia College, and graduated from The Second City Conservatory and iO. Claudia has performed with The Second City Touring Company, Urban Gateways, iO Teams: Mystery Machine, Pat Shay Dancers, Armando Diaz Experience, and the Upright Citizens Brigade's group Asscat. Her Second City Outreach shows include Soulfront and Seven Year...

  • George Wallace

    George Wallace View Profile

    By the age of six, George Wallace knew he wanted to be a comedian. He always enjoyed making people laugh, but he also wanted an education. He attended the University of Akron, Ohio and upon graduating with degrees in transportation and marketing, Wallace entered the advertising work force. Still, his dream of being a comedian had a strong hold on him. Within a week of leaving the advertising field...

  • Nathan Wallace

    Nathan Wallace View Profile

    Born and raised in louisville kentucky, nathan grew up on one of life’s greatest foods. Pop tarts. Being an intense child, moments of standing still were far and few between. Nathan’s comedy is based on his open book life. Everything from tragedies to comedic poetry.

  • Trevor Wallace

    Trevor Wallace View Profile

    Trevor Wallace is a 26 year old stand up comedian, writer, improvisor & actor. Wallace can be seen just about everywhere on the internet and has collectively built a digital thumbprint of over 100,000,000 views on his Facebook page alone and millions more across other channels. He can attribute most of those views from his viral series “Life As A Zumiez Employee.” Wallace is reg...

  • Ali Waller

    Ali Waller View Profile

  • Greg Walloch

    Greg Walloch View Profile

    Writer/Performer Greg Walloch has appeared on everything from The Howard Stern Show to Kurt Anderson's Studio 360 on Public Radio International. His live solo shows have toured in Moscow, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Poland, Scotland, Tel Aviv, and across the United States. Visit:

  • Wiggly Walrus

    Wiggly Walrus View Profile

  • Brendon Walsh

    Brendon Walsh View Profile

    Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Brendon Walsh established himself as a comedian in Austin, TX. In 2004, he won the “Funniest Person In Austin” contest and that same year also appeared on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” as his original character, “Scary Monster” (a terrible monster stand up comedian). In 2005 and 2006, Brendon was voted “Best Stand-Up C...

  • Laura Walsh

    Laura Walsh View Profile

  • Maria Walsh

    Maria Walsh View Profile

    America’s Naughtiest Mommy redefines parenting and offers some original tips in her one woman tour de force. She may appear like a classic SUV-driving, latte-drinking, suburban soccer mom but Walsh says what most people are thinking but are afraid to say.  In the era of child worship, Walsh mocks the art of child rearing in a hilarious fashion that gets mommies and daddies laugh...

  • Matt Walsh

    Matt Walsh View Profile

    Matthew Paul "Matt" Walsh (born October 13, 1964) is an American actor, writer and comedian best known as a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe, one of the stars of Dog Bites Man on Comedy Central and currently as star & creator of the new Spike TV series Players, which began airing on March 2, 2010. Along with Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, and Ian Roberts, he is ...

  • Micah Walsh

    Micah Walsh View Profile

     Originally hailing from Duluth, Micah moved to Minneapolis in late 2010 and started slinging jokes shortly thereafter. Eventually gaining respect and adoration from his peers through carefully crafted dick jokes and abrasively cheesy puns, Micah can now be seen performing at literally several bars, pizza places, and comedy clubs throughout the Minneapolis area on a regular basis. He was a ...

  • PJ Walsh

    PJ Walsh View Profile

      PJ Walsh is known as one of the hardest working comedians behind the microphone, and for good reason. His boundless energy and the strength of his physical comedy have carried him around the globe, from the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, to over 25 overseas tours for U.S. troops in several countries including Iraq & Afghanistan. PJ’s years touring with the stars of the B...

  •  Walsh Brothers

    Walsh Brothers View Profile

  • Pamela Walt

    Pamela Walt View Profile

    In middle school Pamela Walt auditioned to be the queen in the class play; she got cast as the poor farmer. Now she does stand- up comedy. She is originally from the godforsaken suburbs of Chicago and currently resides in Los Angeles where she nobly fights traffic daily on an epic journey from such joints as The Comedy Store all the way to The Icehouse in the distant and remote land of Pasadena. &...

  • Cody Wandersee

    Cody Wandersee View Profile

  • George Wang

    George Wang View Profile

  • Sheng Wang

    Sheng Wang View Profile

    Taiwan born, Houston raised and SF Bay Area based, Sheng Wang performs comedy focused on personal experiences and insightful observations of the mundane with intense honesty and ill logic. His refreshingly affable stage presence combined with a healthy penchant for absurdity and self deprecation make his comedy universally hilarious. He is the recipient of last year's "Dan Crawford Scholarship" aw...

  •  Wanting Alex

    Wanting Alex View Profile

    Wanting Alex Los Angeles, CA - June 2010 - 20 min LA Premiere Short Film Synopsis: Pete's in love with his roommate's girlfriend, a beautiful, quirky, and charming girl named Alex. They are never apart. They are best friends. But she is madly in love with the most effeminate heterosexual heartthrob since that guy from the Partridge Family. As far as Pete can tell, this is her only flaw.

  • Patrick Warburton

    Patrick Warburton View Profile

    Patrick "Puddy" Warburton from Seinfeld performs a hilarious new comedy show from the Best Selling books LETTERS FROM A NUT by Ted L Nancy... Joined by comedian Mike Wilson, Patrick presents Ted L Nancy's crazy funny actual letters sent to companies and people all over the world with ridiculous results...   By example, He writes to the City of Huntington Beach request...

  • Aaron Ward

    Aaron Ward View Profile

     For nearly a decade, comedian Aaron David Ward, from TV’s The Glenn Slingerland Situation, has entertained audiences from New Hampshire to California by getting them to laugh and think at his self-deprecating, socio-political, and culturally critical comedy. He opens his heart, mind, and soul to fans during each trip deep inside his mind for a funny, honest, and twisted look at his con...

  • Alfred Ward

    Alfred Ward View Profile

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