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  • Saellah V

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    (Nicki Minaj) The "Hawaiian Goddess" of ELEMENTS has been entertaining over 15 years. Saellah gives the illusions of Selena, Nicki Minaj, Chaka Khan and many other divas. Saellah has coached STARS CHOICE for several seasons and has led her team to the most wins. Her accomplishments include Miss Arizona USofA, Miss BS West, and is currently your Miss Gay Arizona American National Sta...

  • Tony V

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    Tony V started his stand-up comedy career in 1982 after attending several shows at Boston’s prestigious Comedy Connection. He wandered in one night, quite by accident, looking for a little stress relief from a high pressure job as a case worker at the Somerville Mental Health Center. Tony was working his way toward a Masters degree in social work having graduated from the University of Ma...

  • Greg Vaccariello

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    Greg Vaccariello realized that he was funny in third grade. Appearing in the school play, Greg made the entire audience laugh without saying a word. To this day Greg doesn’t know what he did that day, but it worked and he was hooked. Because Greg can’t sing, he never appeared in another school play because they were all musicals, so he didn’t think that he could ever act again...

  • Angelo Vacco

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    Angelo Vacco is a comedian and actor living in Los Angeles.  A native of Hamden, CT, he attended Northeastern University a very long time ago before Millennials were born. On television Angelo has been a guest star on Rizzoli and Isles, 24, E.R.,The X-Files, Party of Five, and Married With Children, to name a few. Angelo appears regularly at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

  • John  A Vaiz

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    I got started in comedy because of my son's jr. high grades. I told him that he needs to study harder, to get his grades up. He said if he gets his grades up, I have to do a stand up set. So I did a couple of open mic sets, and here I am.

  • John Valby

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    After spending an evening with John Valby,Audiences find themselves wanting more and more of him.What makes Valby so unique and entertaining is his uncommon rapport with the audience and his ability to mix his musical Talent with a mad-cap variety of "Dirty Ditties".Few people can resist laughing at songs that would have earned them a mouthful of soap when they were c...

  • Mike Valdes

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    Mike Valdes started performing stand up comedy in Los Angeles, California. He has performed at many famous comedy locations such as The Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store, The Nerdmelt Showroom and many more! Valdes centers his comedy on the things he is ultimately nerdy about. From musical impressions to a hysterical take on Fuller House, Mike Valdes is a comedian with a unique voice & take o...

  • Mike Valdes

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  • David Valdez

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    David Valdez is an actor and writer in the Los Angeles area. David was a frequent collaborator on The Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central, both on the writing staff and as a performer. Recently he has been performing stand-up comedy in theaters and arenas across the country with CarlosMencia. David is also developing his one-man show, Scarred for Life: Tale of a Mexican-American T...

  • Laura Valdivia

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    Laura Valdivia was born in New York City and raised in Madrid, Spain and Houston, Texas. After moving to Los Angeles she became a stand up comedian and currently tours all over the country. She has appeared as a panelist on VH1 and ABC Family, co-hosted Train On for the NFL Channel and guest starred on several sketch shows including MADtv and Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz. She was a writer ...

  • Jack Vale

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    Jack is married with 5 kids. Making people laugh is my favorite thing to do in the world. In 2008, I manufactured a small, handheld fart toy and called it "The Pooter". With no money for advertising, I started uploading hidden camera pranks using the product in public places. People must have laughed at the videos because we started selling more Pooters! Now, more than 200 MILLION...

  • Carlos Valencia

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    Carlos Valencia has inspired millions to follow the way of the tiger. Through years of rigorous comedy research at Carlos Valencia World Headquarters R&D Institute, Carlos' line of cutting edge jokes have set new standards in stand-up quality. His comedic leadership in the field of enhanced joke telling techniques manages to make audiences laugh at rates that meet and often exceed the i...

  • Chris Valenti

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    Chris Valenti is often called a romantic comedy expert. He channels his relationship frustrations into jokes, songs, films, and advice that leave audiences giggling, singing along, and wiser. His new album, Live Emotional Wreckage, released by New Wave Dynamics, includes funny insights like “Girls always think I’m trying to hit on them, no matter what I say… ‘Coul...

  • Lourdes Valentin

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  • Funny Valentine

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  • Gary Valentine

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    Gary Valentine is a Long Island, New York-native who has been headlining comedy clubs and theaters for the past 20 years. After an appearance at the Montreal Comedy Festival in 1997, he headed to Los Angeles, and quickly landed a hosting job on the NBC show, “Friday Night Videos.” In addition, he did spots on various talk shows performing standup, including “Late Night with Conan...

  • Murray Valeriano

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    Murray Valeriano is a brilliant comedian, writer and human sponge. This Tennessee native and preacher’s son found his comedy calling in California and soon began a successful career in stand up and writing. Murray has appeared in clubs and theaters all over the country. He had been seen on Comedy Central, NBC, FuelTV and More. He is also a regular guest of Bill Engvall’s Blue Collar...

  • Tony Valle

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  • Kristian Vallee

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    Kristian Vallée spent six years as a middle school teacher, then transitioned into stand-up comedy and public speaking we he realized he was too funny to be even remotely educational. In his time on stage he has convinced the powers that be to put him on Comedy Central, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, SíTV, and the Game Show Network.  You can see him performing...

  • Carmen Vallone

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    When spoken aloud, Carmen Vallone's name resonates as majestically as trumpets blown by the highest choir of angels in the kingdom of heaven. Don't worry though, his ticket price usually isn't any higher then about twelve bucks. With his enthusiastic smile, and happily twisted vision of everyday life, Carmen guides you through a night of entertainment as he talks about being from Up...

  • Sandra Valls

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    Sandra Valls is a brash high energy outrageously funny in your face Latina comic. Voted by Latina Magazine as one of the Top 33 Bad Ass Comics with Latin Roots, Sandra will make you laugh till your face hurts. Performing in two Showtime Comedy specials: The Latin Diva’s of Comedy and Pride: the LGBT Comedy Slam hosted by Bruce Vilanch, Sandra has made a name for herself. Her other Televis...

  • Rob Van Dam

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  • Bethany Van Delft

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    Bethany Van Delft’s “hip & grounded, laid back delivery” has earned her the honor of performing at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, and notable appearances on Comedy Central, TV Guide Channel, and NickMom. Her dry wit stood out at early shows at The Comedy Studio, and continues to make her a favorite of...

  • James Van Deman

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  • Jason Van Deman

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    Ruling Mercury came together in 2006 as a way for local artists Ethan Bronson, Andy McAllister and Jason Van Deman to write and record music. Bronson, singer and pianist, comes from a primarily classical background and writes with an excellent pop sensibility while singer and upright bassist Van Deman has extensive jazz training, and a slightly more free form approach to his compositions. With ...

  • Charles Van Deventer

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    Charles Van Deventer is a standup comedian who has been performing to packed houses for years.

  • Del Van Dyke

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    DEL VAN DYKE emerged from the San Francisco comedy scene in the 80s and quickly became a fixture on the nightclub circuit. The winner of several major comedy competitions, he has headlined across the U.S., appeared on network and cable television, performed with musical act such at The Pointer Sisters and The Neville Brothers, and entertained our armed forces serving overseas.

  • Dick Van Dyke

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    Although he'd had small roles beforehand, Dick Van Dyke was launched to stardom in the 1960 musical "Bye-Bye Birdie", for which he won a Tony Award, and then later in the movie based on that play, Bye Bye Birdie (1963). He has starred in a number of films throughout the years including Mary Poppins (1964), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) and Fitzwilly (1967), as well as a number of s...

  • Sissy Van Dyke

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  • Tom Van Horn

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    Tom Van Horn started performing stand-up back in 1994 after his girlfriend of nine years dumped him. Having a lot of anger and bitterness and nowhere to vent, he went to an open mic and spewed his feelings about his life to a room full of strangers. And so another comic is born! Hey, it was cheaper than going to therapy. Within a few short years he became a regular in the NYC club circuit and now ...

  • Mariko Van Kampen

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  • Daniel Van Kirk

    Daniel Van Kirk View Profile

    UCB Performer - Co-host Sklarbro County on Earwolf - Host of the Hindsight Podcast on The Dahl Network - Watch my sketch show DVK on Nerdist Channel

  • Daniel Van Kirk DCH

    Daniel Van Kirk DCH View Profile

    Named a 2016 Comic To Watch by Comedy Central, Daniel Van Kirk is a comedian that you might know from Bob's Burgers, Comedy Central, and Fox.  You can also hear him every week on the podcasts, "Dumb People Town" with the Sklar Brothers and "Pen Pals" along with Rory Scovel! Daniel tours the country headlining at comedy clubs and festivals including Just For Laughs Mont...

  • Mary Van Luven

    Mary Van Luven View Profile

    Mary Van Luven's improv career began in sunny Coral Springs, Florida, when she and her fellow high school students founded "Rebels Without Applause". After 4 grueling winters at Boston University and graduation, Mary headed west to pursue her acting career. As a co- founding member of TheSpyAnts Theater Company, she has appeared in several plays including "Anything For You"...

  • Brooke Van Poppelen

    Brooke Van Poppelen View Profile

    Brooke Van Poppelen is a NYC based comic, actress and writer who has appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and performed on Season 4 of The John Oliver New York Stand-Up Show on Comedy Central. Brooke is a cast member of "World's Dumbest" on truTV and also appears as a talking head and panelist for different vh1 and MTV shows that make fun of the internet and celebrities...



    Lynn Van Praagh is a Spiritual Medium who discovered the gift inside herself of communicating with those who have passed on to the other side. "I want to heal people by speaking for those who can no longer be heard by loved-ones left behind" What people are saying: "From the moment I met Lynn, we connected and she shared her wonderful gift with me, she channeled my grandmother and h...

  • J. Keith van Straaten

    J. Keith van Straaten View Profile

    J. Keith van Straaten has been called “a local hero” by LA Weekly. He hosted Comedy Central’s TV game show “Beat The Geeks” and the LA landmarks The J. Keith van Straaten Show , What’s My Line? – Live On Stage, and The Fix-Up Show. His TV appearances include slightly-memorable turns on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," “Gilmo...

  • Jason Van Wie

    Jason Van Wie View Profile

    As the frontman of Rough Shot, Jason brings a very unique vocal dynamic. His ability to sing songs from various genres has helped bring the band to new heights. Jason is equally versatile in his guitar playing . Jason has performed  on both the local and national levels as well  as held a recording contract which he says contributes to his performance and professionalism. Jason will al...

  • Derek Vana

    Derek Vana View Profile

  • Maranzio Vance

    Maranzio Vance View Profile

    Maronzio Vance is a writer and performer, currently on the Fox reboot of “In Living Color.” He has also appeared on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Wanda Sykes: Wanda Does It,” “Jamie Foxx's Laffapalooza,” the seventh season of “Last Comic Standing,” and has had two national Miller Lite commercials. He also has a comedy central hal...

  • Maronzio Vance

    Maronzio Vance View Profile

    If you are looking for someone who knows the meaning of the word "no" then keep looking because if you ask anyone who knows him, Maronzio Vance refuses to acknowledge the word even exists. Making people laugh for as long as he can remember, this witty, sarcastic, storytelling North Carolina-born comedian/actor (who also refuses to accept the fact that he comes from the South becau...

  • Ruperto Vanderpool

    Ruperto Vanderpool View Profile

    Comedian, Ruperto Vanderpool has been into comedy his entire life. "Funny things always happened in my house being that there were 8 of us." So it's no surprise that he brings an extremely high level of energy, personality and style to the comedy stage that is hard to find today. Growing up in the Bronx as the son of Dominican parents, allowed Ruperto to be exposed to a diverse ar...

  • Torio VanGrol

    Torio VanGrol View Profile

    Torio Van Grol is glad you’re reading his name instead of hearing it. This way he doesn’t have to repeat it three times while you figure out the correct pronunciation. A new face to the Bay Area comedy scene, Torio considers himself a true Californian. Born in LA, raised in San Diego, educated in Sonoma, and heartbroken in Yosemite; Torio now resides in San Francisco. He has experience...

  • Ian Varella

    Ian Varella View Profile

    Ian Varella is one of the most popular ventriloquists in entertainment today. His performance combines comedy, variety and audience participation into one great entertainmenet package.

  • Joanna Vargas

    Joanna Vargas View Profile

    Joanna is full of energy and sarcasm. This Bad Ass Latina started her comedy career as a challenge from her uncle. She’s a full time entrepreneur killing the comedy stage in her spare time. She’s born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California and runs her fitness studio The Fit Factor in Alhambra, California. She’s traveled all over the world with her dance and ...

  • John Vargas

    John Vargas View Profile

    Born and raised in Southern California, John Vargas has stayed in the region he loves, living now in Los Angeles. He was born into a working class household of Mexican immigrants, this is where his love of comedy was born. Watching such greats as Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin on stolen cable, he soon realized how much he wanted to be one of them. John has been performing stand-up f...

  • John Vargas

    John Vargas View Profile

    Born to two high school sophomores John Vargas came into this world a man on a mission. Being raised by people who might as well have been his siblings, John was forced to develop a personality far beyond his years. He took to the stage at age 18 and has yet to get off of it. Comedy quickly consumed his life as it became his avenue for sorting things out. His autobiographical style of comedy qu...

  • Paul Varghese

    Paul Varghese View Profile

    Paul Varghese's act includes a number of observations about being Indian, providing outsider-looking-in and insider-looking-out commentary, while also exploring an array of topics and issues outside that realm. He was named by the Dallas Observer in 2007 as the "Best Stand-up Comic in Dallas" and recently won the 2009 "Funniest Comic in Dallas" competition. Varghese ...

  • Kait Varkados

    Kait Varkados View Profile

    Kait has been performing for audiences around the country for years. She is an award winning theatre actress and has quickly impressed clubs and audiences with her offbeat, observational stand up. She's an adopted twin... And that's only the beginning of the experiences she draws on for her delightfully unusual tales. Come along for the ride, there's a hug at the end! The hug is more f...

  • Victor Varnado

    Victor Varnado View Profile

    Victor Varnado’s devilish knack for outrageousness and originality plays out in his personal URL: Varnado has navigated the adversities of born legally blind and an African-American albino with unique sensibilities to become a nationally known actor and comedian and, according to legend, a Jedi. You may recognize...

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