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  • Alex U

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    Capturing audiences from the second he hits the stage. Alex U uses his high energy act to push the edge in the silliest of ways. He takes his Spanish culture, his insecurities, and his love for music to tell his inappropriately wacky stories and observations. Alex's fast paced, ADD act has caught the attention of many in the industry. Which has allowed Alex to open for entertainers such as Snoop D...

  • Hechter Ubarry

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    Film and Broadway actor Hechter Ubarry, a native New Yorker who grew up in Harlem, brings his highly acclaimed musical and acting talents to "CALL ME PAPO" an evening of songs and stories.   Crocodile Dundee II's drug kingpin, Hechter Ubarry, makes his Metropolitan Room debut April 15 & 23, 2011 at 7pm.He brings his musical talents to CALL ME PAPO. He made his Broadway de...

  • James Uloth

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    James is a comic who Hypnotizes the crowd with his mad ninja skills. He lures them in with a clever blend of wit and charm, then delivers the kill with nun chucks strung with hilarity. Using combination of story telling mixed with set up punchlines, James makes observations on every day situations we can all relate with. And all of this is happening while he’s politely pointing out some o...

  • Sonia Ulrich

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    Sonia Ulrich has been performing for years, starting behind the microphone as a DJ, News/Traffic/Sports Reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area. To enhance her voice over skills, she was told to take an improv class.   Today, Sonia has logged hundreds of improv shows live, unscripted, and often tear inducingly funny in New York and Los Angeles.  She’s...

  • Chinedu Unaka

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    Chinedu is a comedian, actor and writer best known for his stand up appearances on Television, internationally and around the United States. Most currently Chinedu was seen on the latest season of Coming to the Stage (HULU) and on the hit comedy series The Mindy Project (FOX/HULU) and just came back from an overseas tour performing for the US Troops stationed across the Middle East and a comedy to...

  • The Undateables

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  • Hollywood Underground

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  • Sheryl Underwood

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    Sheryl Underwood   Owner and CEO – Pack Rat Productions Inc. Entertainer Entrepreneur Philanthropist & 23rd International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Sheryl Underwood is a savvy businesswoman philanthropist and a multi-faceted multi-media entrepreneur who is recognized as one of the most articulate well-informed women of our time. She is a much sought after ente...

  • Denver's Undiscovered

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    An all local showcase of up and coming comedians from the Denver area. Think you have what it takes to be a comedian? Email to sign up for this great show!!! Or call our Box Office at (303)307-1777 for more information!

  • Marc Unger

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    Fresh, edgy and brutally thoughtful, veteran comedian MARC UNGER hits the stage running and doesn't let up. Armed with dynamic stage presence, his explosive rants about everything from Gen Xers coping with the aging process to reality television are not only powerfully funny, but provocative as well. Marc’s been a national headliner for years and has performed regularly at many of the...


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  • Moon Unit Zappa

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    Moon first entered the global spotlight in 1982 with her satirical hit song ‘Valley Girl’, a collaboration with her father, the late American composer Frank Zappa. Soon after, she embarked on a decade-spanning acting career appearing in shows from Roseanne and Curb Your Enthusiasm to Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy. In 2001, Moon’s critically acclaimed, comedic deb...

  • Friends University

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    Five rad ladies who want to take you to the strangest dinner party you've ever been to.

  • My Favorite Unkle

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    Known for their unique blend of screwball humor, My Favorite Unkle is one of the premier L.A. - based sketch comedy troupes working today. They are the perfect balance of satire, musicality, parody and physicality.  Jeffrey Basham, Frank Raducz Jr. and Murphy Martin, fill theaters and comedy clubs with fans that span generations. Their web sketches have garnered thousands of views and been fe...

  • Shut Up and Love

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  • Stand Up Science

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    Stand-up Comedians + Scientists + You = Stand Up Science   Award-winning stand-up comedian and science podcast host Shane Mauss presents Stand Up Science!  Learn and laugh as local scientists, comedians and other special guests join Shane to bring you a one-of-a-kind show that is equal parts ahas and hahas   Stand-up comedy and science have a lot in common.  They both reve...

  • Stand Up Showcase

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    Standup comedy from some of our favorite local acts.

  • Hooking Up With Second City

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  • Brad Upton

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    If the Pacific Northwest had a Mt. Rushmore of Comedy, this man’s head would be on it.  Brad opens for some of the biggest names in show business, performs all over the country for numerous corporate events, does 8-12 weeks a year all over the world on cruise ships, opens for the legendary Johnny Mathis and performs at a handful of clubs and casinos keeping his schedule very...

  • Jeff Urrea

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    Jeff Urrea is a modern American stand-up comedian performing out of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Standing at 6’4’ tall, Jeff has a larger than life personality and Mexican last name that no one can seem to pronounce. Jeff Urrea (oo-rr-EH-aa) was raised as a 90's kid in the small town of Fillmore, California. Jeff’s love for cinema, entertainment and Star Wars led him to study Film...

  • Mike Uryga

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    Wirey, physical, and totally out of control. Mikes humor is all of these and so much more. He is able to nail down stereotypes with poignancy and humor. Audiences love Mike, and so do we.

  • Jamie Utley

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    Jamie Utley was born a beautiful, normal, healthy baby...and then things went wrong.  Jamie takes the audience on a rollercoaster thrillride, showing them what the world looks like through his eyes as he guides them along the twists and turns of his experiences with his dysfunctional family, relationships, being a single parent, staying sober in recovery, and mal...

  • Matt Utley

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    Born and raised in Souther California, Matt Utley found an unusual joy in the idiocrasies of suburban life. Viewing the world through a nostalgic-tinted lens, he uses video games, pop culture, and Harry Potter to try and explain the world around him.