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  • Josh Phillips

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  • Nick Phillips

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  • Patti Phillips

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    Patti Phillips was known as "the class clown" from the time she was in grade school. It hasn't changed! If there are people around, Patti will find a story to tell, and is certain to get a laugh, whether the crowd is 2 or 200! There is no coincidence that Patti Phillips is known as "The Comedy Queen! She definitely rules in making San Diego audiences laugh until they cry! Phillips has been a ...

  • Tina Phillips

    Tina Phillips View Profile The Jazz Singers The Ultimate Guide One of the better singers based in ‘Denver, Tina Phillips performs locally sometimes with Art Lande or Eric Gunnison(Carmen McRae) - Scott Yanow Influenced most by Betty Carter, Sarah Vaughn, Charlie Parker and her dear friend Art Lande, her style is versatile – Including straight ahead, bebop, blues or Latin jazz.

  • Hannes Phinney

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    Hannes Phinney spent years crossing the country doing stand-up comedy. You've seen him in over 30 commericals and as Jerry Duppa in The Fast Foodie.

  • Hard 'N Phirm

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    Chris HARDwick aNd Mike PHIRMan’s work has been downloaded millions of times over from the vast expanse of Earth’s Internet. They also regularly perform in front of people, sometimes at such highly-touted venues as the Improv, the Punch Line, the Aspen Comedy Festival, Seattle’s celebrated Bumbershoot Festival, SxSW and Coachella. They’ve also appeared inside your home...

  • Mike Phirman

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    Mike Phirman along with Chris Hardwick form the Hard and Phirm musical comedy duo. Their work has been downloaded millions of times over from the vast expanse of Earth’s Internet. They also regularly perform in front of people, sometimes at such highly-touted venues as the Improv, the Punch Line, the Aspen Comedy Festival, Seattle’s celebrated Bumbershoot Festival, SxSW and Coachella....

  • Jentle Phoenix

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  • United Phoenix FFA

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  • United Phoenix Fire Fighters

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  •  Photo Op

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    Photo Op New York, NY, February 2010, 11 minutes Short Film Synopsis: After discovering the corpse of a fallen starlet, two deranged paparazzi compete for the hottest shot, stealing her body to stage the most outrageous death scene in tabloid history. Racing to reach Tribeca’s swankiest pad, they stalk, assault, and outwit each other in a contest for the cash and the credit.   www...

  • Nineball PHX

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    NineBall is a band that was formed in 2003 from what Marty Lucas considered the cream of the crop in the local music scene. Marty was a sound engineer at a popular Phoenix club and saw hundreds of musicians each week. After getting the itch to play live again, Marty started to put together the best hired guns in the Phoenix Metro area to form a band to take over the cover scene. The Phoenix landsc...

  • North PHX

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  • Janine Pibal

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  •  Picard Maneuver

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     Picard Maneuver is the leading musical comedy duo specializing in nerd based humor and more. Formed by Adam Fanshier and Mike Hover in 2007, Picard Maneuver combines elements of musical comedy, vaudeville, physical comedy, audience interaction and improvisation into their one of a kind act. Adam and Mike’s unique brand of humor comes from their very honest presentation of their person...

  • Matthew Piccione

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    In February of 2009 I entered the humbling world of standup comedy and brought with me a love for laughter, very little money and bad credit. In the 5 years since then my financial situation is still the same. It might even be worse. But my love for laughter & passion for the craft has led me to California's best comedy stages like the Hollywood, Ontario, Brea & Irvine Improvs, the Comedy ...

  • Robbie Pickard

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    Robert Mark Pickard III was born and raised in Palos Verdes, Calif., where he surfed, played sports and until he was 16, thought girls had cooties. His soccer skills helped get him into the University of California, Irvine, where he got his B.A. in Literary Journalism. Passionate about comedy and needing money, Robbie waited tables at the Irvine Improv his last two years of college. He was nearly...

  • Glitter Pickle

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    Imagine an absurd, pep rally-style intro, inspired by a random audience tidbit, which evolves into an improvised comedy set performed by four crazy ladies, who aren’t afraid to embarrass themselves or each other. That’s Glitter Pickle. Every show is different and guaranteed to be a blast, you’ll be shouting “Let’s Get Salty” again and again!

  • Yamil Piedra

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     Yamil Piedra is an actor, comedian, and Emmy Award-Winning writer. He was born in Havana, Cuba and arrived in Miami at the age of 2 by way of the Mariel boatlift in 1980. A graduate of Florida International University with a BA in Theatre, he has been featured on Boston Legal, Las Vegas, Burn Notice, Last Comic Standing, & BET Comic View. In 2007, he was featured in Ocean Drive Espa&ntil...

  • Christian Pieper

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    Christian Pieper is a comedian from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, now living in Los Angeles. In 2014, Christian advanced to the semifinals in the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival, and he's also been featured in the Crossroads Comedy Festival, Burbank Comedy Festival, Cleveland Comedy Festival, Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, Idaho Laugh Fest, and other festivals and competitions across the country. Chris...

  • Jamie Pierce

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  • JC Pierce

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    J.C. Pierce is a recurring character on ABC’s “What Would You Do” and has been in commercials for Budweiser and AT&T. J.C. performs in comedy clubs all over using sarcasm and wit that is razor sharp, thought provoking and sidesplitting. 

  • Rob Pierce

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    Rob Pierce is a stand up comedian from Massachusetts. He has opened for Dave Attell, Norm Macdonald, Michael Che and many others. He hopes you made it to the end of this write up without thinking he's just name dropping.

  • Plus Pierre

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    Plus uses laughter as a relief from the harsh realities of being raised by a single Haitian mother while growing up in South Florida. Born Alain Pierre-Louis, Plus, the oldest of three kids used his natural humor and wit to serve as a distraction from the financial hardships he and his family endured. In 2008, Plus gained universal recognition for his Ric...

  • Chris Pina

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    Chris Pina has been a stand-up, sketch artist and improvisor at the Hollywood Improv and many other comedy clubs for years. He's been the opening act for Jay Leno, Billy Crystal, Sam Kinison, Rick Overton and many other comics. After graduating from Beverly Hills High School,  Chris was immediately cast as a regular on the 22-episode, CBS - Andy Griffith series, "Headmaster". He wen...

  •  Pinataland

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    A brief and mostly true account of the band Part I: Song Formed in Brooklyn, New York, Piñataland is (from left to right in the photo) Bill Gerstel, David Wechsler, Robin Aigner and Doug Stone. Starting as an odd and frantic polka band, main songwriters Doug and Dave’s fascination for the stories and sounds of the Weird Old World slowly led the band down a darker, more unusual p...

  • John Pinette

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    Fresh off his successful starring run on Broadway playing the role of ‘Edna Turnblad’ in the hit musical ‘Hairspray,’ John Pinette has returned to the stand-up stage. When asked to describe his stand-up, John Pinette says, “I talk about my life, it is the funniest thing I can think of. For some reason, people enjoy seeing me lose my cherub like demeanor”.  ...

  • John Pinney

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  • Jeremy Pinsly

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    Jeremy, originally from the Nashville, TN, is a 29 year old Jew who has an extreme passion for making people laugh. Since quitting his marketing job in Dallas and moving to NYC in 2011, he quickly gained foothold in the comedy scene by performing at the city's top clubs (Gotham, Carolines, The Stand...) and producing one of the city's best shows, Country Time Comedy, at the New York Come...

  • Nick Piontek

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  • Nick Piontek

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    Nicholas Piontek burst on to the Minneapolis scene as a back up dancer for Prince in the early 80's. At the tender age of 8 he developed and revolutionized the dance moves "jazz hands" and "spirit fingers" into the modern version we know today as seen in such feature films as "Bring it on" and "Bring it on 2". Piontek became one of the prominent choreographers and dance coordinators in the midwest...

  • Rowdy Roddy Piper

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  •  Piper & Tupper

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    Piper and Tupper are a professional stand up comedy duo. Born at Woodstock in the summer of 1969, they began performing comedy at a very early age. The team's unique brand of comedy is a blend of Flight of the Conchords, Spinal Tap, Steve Martin, The Marx Brothers and Martin and Lewis. The raw comedic energy and humorous musical bits they produce onstage engulf their audiences like a whirling torn...

  • Mason Pipes

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    Mason Pipes was born the same year that Cartoon Network was created, and the two have aged quite similarly. Much like the beloved television station, his sense of humor has grown more mature over the years, all the while still maintaining that farts are funny. Mason began performing comedy at age 19, and has since shared his stories at comedy clubs and festivals around North America. He was a fina...

  • Griff Pippin

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    Griff Pippin is a Los Angeles-based stand up comedian who performs all over the U.S. and the world with several international tours under his belt. He has performed with renowned artists such as Russell Peters, Chris D’Elia and Theo Von. Griff has been featured on Playboy Radios Ginger Lynn’s “The Blame it on Ginger Radio Show”.   Griff has performed two European tou...

  • Brian Pisano

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  • Mark Pisarri

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  • Joe Piscopo

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  • Carrie-ann Pishnak

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    Carrie-ann has her BA in theatre/dance from UNLV, studied classical theatre at BADA in Oxford, England, is a Conservatory graduate from The Second City and has toured the world in various shows. She is a corporate narrator for companies such as Dolby and Fugi Film and can be seen performing sketch and improv around Los Angeles in the groups: Double Down, Chiclets, The Really Awesome Improv S...

  • Joe Pistone

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    JOE PISTONE has worked on-stage extensively since graduating from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2004 with a BA in Theatre. Recent credits include: Fables du Theatre (Unknown Theater, Los Angeles), St. Joan (The Met, Los Angeles), and Doris & Dean (Elephant Theater, Los Angeles). Film and television credits include supporting roles in The Groomsmen, Purple Violets, The Lynch Pin, T...

  • Aaron Pita

    Aaron Pita View Profile

    Aaron Pita is a comedian, writer, tech entrepreneur and psychonaut. Not your typical Angeleno, Aaron was actually born and raised in Los Angeles, which makes him a beautiful unique unicorn in the comedy world. Formerly, he was the host of That Hashtag Show and currently he serves as the Creative Director for the social discovery app, Palaround. Aaron values the rationality and measured approach of...

  • Mark Pitta

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    According to his website, "It's difficult to know why a person is destined to be a comedian but Mark can point to one incident: "I was watching the movie Scarface at home when my mom came to visit and this was her reaction to the ending of that movie: Pacino is blowing guys away with a machine gun, bodies are going down, he gets shot from behind and falls into an indoor swimming ...

  • Andy Pitz

    Andy Pitz View Profile

    Andy’s material is mostly clean, which leads him to a lot of corporate gigs and private shows where no profanity is allowed.  He also headlines comedy clubs all over the world where anything goes.  He’s been on TV a number of times, highlighted by appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Clips of those appearanc...

  • Jeremy Piven

    Jeremy Piven View Profile

    Jeremy Piven was most recently seen as a series regular in the CBS television series WISDOM OF THE CROWD. He was also recently seen as Harry Gordon Selfridge in the popular PBS series MR. SELFRIDGE. Among his many notable roles, Piven is best known as movie agent “Ari Gold” in the hit HBO series ENTOURAGE, which aired for eight seasons and won Piven three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe...

  • Jeremy Piven After Party

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  • Lou Pizzarro

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  • John Pizzi

    John Pizzi View Profile

    One of the hottest rising comics in the entertainment industry, has brought his unique brand of comedy to audiences around the country! Opening acts for entertainers like Jerry Vale, Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge, Joy Behar, Weird Al Yankovic, The Trammps, The Regents, Al Martino, Clint Holmes and many more! Performing as a national headliner at comedy clubs, resorts, colleges, and ...

  • Johnny Pizzi

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    With more than 20 years experience Johnny is a sure fire crowd pleaser. This experience gives Johnny the ability to perform in some of the most demanding situations such as his LFOR Tour for the troops over in Iraq! Johnny’s humor is wild and exciting without being offensive or vulgar, because of this he can work a for a senior citizen home during the day and a hip comedy club at night. Everybody ...

  • Ron Placone

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    Ron Placone can be seen regularly on The Jimmy Dore Show and The Young Turks. He co-hosts the podcast 5 Chords & The Truth and hosts the world’s first viewer-curated streaming news show, “Get Your News On With Ron." He's been on SiriusXM and seen on TMZ, RT, and FreeSpeechTV.

  • Janet Planet

    Janet Planet View Profile

    Ms. Planet celebrates the release of her new album, “Janet Planet Sings the Bob Dylan Songbook,” adding another chapter to our Great American narrative. Janet craftily intermingles tales from Duke to Dietz…Harold to Hammerstein for an evening of sassy strains and lingering lyric. The spirited and vivacious Janet Planet is a productive recording artist, performer, teacher and clinician – he...

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