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  • Tom Mabe

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    Tom Mabe, based in Louisville, Kentucky, achieved notability with his prank responses to telemarketing calls. He kept recording equipment near his telephone, and upon receiving an unsolicited call would engage the telemarketer in an unexpected and often uncomfortable conversation while recording the incident. One of his best known pranks of this genre involved convincing a telemarketer th...

  • Bobby Mac

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    BOBBY MAC Born in: Providence, Rhode Island Lives in: Parkland, Florida   The Sorted Past...   - A heritage of Italian, Irish, and Scottish families can make quite a comical mixture for a single child from the northeast, especially when transplanted in sunny South Florida. Bobby Mac's life often reads like a Monty Python sketch scored to a Weird Al Yankovic album. Growing up in the...

  • Jeff Mac

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    Jeff grew up in suburban Connecticut, but he left as soon as he realized that you're allowed to. He studied classical acting at the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts where he also began to write and perform in comedic sketches and short films. Jeff wanted to be a standup since he was 12 when his dad played him an old George Carlin album. And just 20 short years later, he worked up ...

  • Robert Mac

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    In 2001, Mac was a Finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition[1]. He won Comedy Central's national Laugh Riot competition in 2001, and subsequently appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend[2] and secured a spot at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival in 2002. He has appeared on NBC's Late Friday, A Dating Story on The Learning Channel(TLC), and the Jerry L...

  • Stacy Ward MacAdams

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    American Songbook - guests with beautiful voices -- Stacy Ward MacAdams has lived in New York, acted and sung in Broadway musicals -- has lived, played and sung in Paris -- also several years entertaining on cruise ships. In New York, played Motel, the tailor in "Fiddler" for two years, Also toured with Sada Thompson in "Twigs," and stage-managed "Over Here" with the Andrews Sisters at t...

  • Don MacArthur

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    Don MacArthur is one of comedy’s very sharpest wits. Never at a loss for words, Don has traded barb from the stages of America’s best comedy clubs including Dangerfield's, The World Famous Comic  Strip and Rascals (chain). On television, he has appeared appearances on Comedy Central's "Stand Up, Stand Up," Rascals Comedy Hour and Tom Snyder's "Tomorrow S...

  • Hayes MacArthur

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    He took first place at the 2003 Rebels of Comedy Competition. He has been featured on such TV shows as Mad TV, Comedy Central's Premium Blend and Medium. In 2005, MacArthur co-wrote, produced and starred in a 16-minute short film, The Adventures of Big Handsome Guy and His Little Friend, with Jason Winer. The short was produced as a pilot for TV in 2006. In 2007, MacArthur appeared with fiance Al...

  • Willie Macc

    Willie Macc View Profile

    With over 6 million views on the Laugh Factory Instagram and YouTube page, Willie Macc, is originally from St. Louis before moving to Los Angeles. You may have seen Willie Macc, as the star from the hit BET show College Hill: Virgin Island. Willie Macc was pinned at the Fox Reality Awards as one of the funniest guys on reality TV. Willie Macc as also appeared on TV episodes and movies such as Hulu...

  • Joseph Macchia

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    By day, Joseph John is a full time floral designer and event planner, creating fabulous one of a kind events kind of like the Gay Martha Stewart. He has been the official florist to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS for the past 13 years. He has worked with such celebrities as Jennifer Holiday, Phyllis Newman, Robin Strasser, and more. He was part of the set design team for the one night benefit ...

  • Doug MacCraw

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     Doug is the most professional comedy hypnosis show in the country. During this hilarious experience, subjects and audience members journey into a world of hilarious hypnotic hi-jinks. Doug even headlined his own show at Universal Studios.

  • Maggie MacDonald

    Maggie MacDonald View Profile

    Maggie MacDonald was in veterinary school when she decided to give stand-up comedy a try. After her first performance in front of classmates and professors, she was hooked. Even so she decided to finish vet school to keep her parents from disowning her. Maggie now performs all over the country. She incorporates material from her interesting day job as a veterinarian as well as from her personal li...

  • Micheal MacDonald

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    is an American actor, writer, comedian, and director, best known for starring in the sketch comedy show MADtv. McDonald joined the show during the fourth season (1998) and remained in the cast until the end of the thirteenth and penultimate season, having become the longest-tenured cast member. While on the show, he developed many memorable characters. He was a contributing writer and director on ...

  • Norm Macdonald

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    Norm Macdonald is best known for his 4 year stint on Saturday Night live where Chevy Chase noted he was the best anchor to ever grace the chair. He is a favorite guest on Late Night shows, having performed the final stand-up set ever on David Letterman. Mr. Letterman referred to Norm as the funniest man in the world. Conan O'Brien also lists Norm as his favorite guest. After leaving SN...

  • Pat MacDonald

    Pat MacDonald View Profile

  • Tracey MacDonald

    Tracey MacDonald View Profile

    After conquering the comedy landscape in Canada. Tracey exploded onto the American Comedy Scene after recording unprecedented voter support on CBS’S Star Search with host Arsenio Hall. She was the first Comedian to not only win the finals, but she then beat all the winners the winners from previous seasons. Tracey was awarded a two year Development Deal with CBS and the g...

  • Levi MacDougall

    Levi MacDougall View Profile

  • Erick Macek

    Erick Macek View Profile

  • Kelly MacFarland

    Kelly MacFarland View Profile

    As an experienced stand up comedian, Kelly has an extensive and well-rounded resume including comedy clubs, theaters, colleges and several television appearances. She has been the opening act for the international craze, Puppetry of the Penis. She has opened for Melissa Etheridge and LeAnn Rimes at both the Cape Cod Melody Tent and South Shore Music Circus. Kelly has appeared on Comedy Central&rsq...

  • Seth MacFarlane

    Seth MacFarlane View Profile

    Seth MacFarlane was born in the small New England town of Kent, Connecticut where he lived with his father (Ron), mother (Perry) and sister Rachael MacFarlane. He attended and studied animation at the Rhode Island School of Design and, after he graduated, he was hired by Hanna-Barbera Productions (Now called Cartoon Network Studios) working as an animator and writer on the TV series "Johnny Bravo"...

  • Joe Machi

    Joe Machi View Profile

    Thank you for downloading my press packet. I don't consider the following bragging. These are a whole bunch of my stand up related accomplishments of mine. Come on! It’s not bragging if it’s just stating a fact. Just some of my facts are good. It’s bragging when it’s an opinion. For instance: when I say I’m an all time great comedian.. I consider that a total brag...

  • Ca$h Machine

    Ca$h Machine View Profile

    Ca$h Machine is a smart, diverse, and fast-paced improv troupe made up of hand-selected students and performers from Dallas Comedy House.

  • April Macie

    April Macie View Profile

    April Macie was a finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2006, has appeared on E! Entertainment, Sirius and XM Radio, Access Hollywood, Talk Soup, and HLN. April has appeared on the Howard Stern show where in 2008 she was voted the “Funniest and Hottest” comedian in America. She is also a regular guest on the Bob and Tom radio show and has toured with...

  • Roddy MacInnes

    Roddy MacInnes View Profile

    Hailing from sunny Scotland, Roddy MacInnes has been both writing and performing stand up and sketch comedy since 2006. A contributing writer/performer of Edinburgh based sketch group ‘Comedy and That’, BBC Comedy Unit’s Rough Cuts and The Edinburgh Revue, he has also performed at the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cork and Montreal Comedy Festivals. He can now be found as a regular on the ...

  • Nathan Macintosh

    Nathan Macintosh View Profile

    Energetic, loud,  never understated and always funny, Nathan Macintosh is quickly becoming one of the names to know in comedy. Most recently appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC, he’s also performed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on CBS, Conan on TBS, and Just For Laughs All Access and Talk Of The Fest. His debut album I Wasn't Talking wa...

  •  Macio

    Macio View Profile

  • Mary Mack

    Mary Mack View Profile

    Mary Mack has been featured on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show, XM's National Lampoon's Comedy Network, and Minnesota's Polka Spotlight. After winning the 2005 California's Funniest Female Contest, she was a finalist in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight and HBO's Andy Kaufman Awards in 2007. Mack's endearing stage presence and off-kilter, musical surprises make her popular in up ...

  • Michael Mack

    Michael Mack View Profile

    Michael Mack’s songs and song parodies have played on radio stations across the country including “The Bob and Tom Show” and “XM Radio”. He has twice appeared on ABC’s “Americas Funniest People”. He brilliantly uses music, light, impressions, and parodies to produce a show starting in fun and ending with the crowd coming out of their seats in am...

  • Stevie Mack

    Stevie Mack View Profile

    You’ve seen Stevie Mack on NBC, UPN, Last Comic Standing, HBO, SpikeTV, BET, Discovery Health Channel, the Howard Stern show, E! - True Hollywood Story, VH1, MTV, in movies, music videos and commercials. Stevie Mack was born in Los Angeles, CA to a crazy family. He escaped by performing stand-up comedy and improv. As a youth he performed with the Young Saints Academy. 1991 - Stevie Mack b...

  • Robert MacKenzie

    Robert MacKenzie View Profile

    ROBERT MacKENZIE has been a long time member of Theatre 40. Past productions include The Norman Conquests, Chekhov in Yalta, Uncle Vanya (Drama Logue Award) and How The Other Half Loves. Last year, Robert played the lead role in the world premiere of Another Vermeer at Theatre 40. This past summer, Robert had the pleasure of working on stage with his son, Cody in Moonchildren at the Theatre Com...

  • Angelica Mackey

    Angelica Mackey View Profile

    As a native of the well known Virginia Beach, Angelica Mackey grew up watching comedy. Famous stand-up comedians such as Eddie Murphy and Steve Harvey provided the inspiration that later grew into a sincere motivation to become a stand-up comedian herself. For the past four years Angelica Mackey, sometimes referred to as “Jell Bell”, has taken that motivating drive of becoming a stand-up co...

  • Diaz Mackie

    Diaz Mackie View Profile

  • Jeff MacKinnon

    Jeff MacKinnon View Profile

      Jeff MacKinnon is a comedian who continually refines the art of stating his opinions as facts. Blending clever wordplay, biting sarcasm, inventive wit, and in-the-zone improv Jeff delivers dynamic and energetic performances to any audience with an attention span. His off-the-cuff style leaves many to wonder what was prepared and what was created on the spot. For the past six year...

  • Ali MacLean

    Ali MacLean View Profile

    Ali MacLean is an award winning writer, comedian and on air personality who hails from Boston. Ali's acting credits include The JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW, HBO's MR. SHOW with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, TENACIOUS D, CAN'T HARDLY WAIT, KILLER BUD, STARKWEATHER and BREAK A LEG. Ali has written for several TV outlets including MTV, FOX, VH-1, and Showtime, and she writes for...

  • Jason MacLeod

    Jason MacLeod View Profile

    Jason was born in Toronto, Canada to hippie parents. After living in a hippie commune Jason And his parents settled on the New Jersey shore. This was the time when the love of both comedy and marijuana culture started for Jason. After high school he went to Arizona State U. At the age of 22, Jason developed anklosing spondyitis (AS). It’s a chronic arthritis disease. While in Phoenix ...

  • Ali Macofsky

    Ali Macofsky View Profile

    Ali Macofsky is a comedian from Los Angeles, California. She's been a semi-finalist in Standup NBC, featured on Just For Laughs Digital, and on over 100 episodes of The Comedy Store's Kill Tony Podcast. Macofsky has also opened for Russell Peters and Joe Rogan at clubs around the country.

  • Jesse Macpherson

    Jesse Macpherson View Profile

  • Melanie MacQueen

    Melanie MacQueen View Profile

    Melanie MacQueen is a working actress/writer/director and teacher in the Los Angeles area. Currently, she runs Theatre 40's free after school program (KIDS ACTING OUT!) teaching acting to kids. (See box below) She has directed several shows at Theatre 40, most recently the 2008 Christmas show Christmas Pudding. Past writing projects of note include the satirical musical In the Name of God: or h...

  • Mike MacRae

    Mike MacRae View Profile

    He appeared on television for the first time in 2001 with Comedy Central's Premium Blend and is a regular on The Bob & Tom Show. For ADV Films, he has also voiced in numerous English language dubs of anime. MacRae made his first appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on May 2, 2007 as part of the show's Impressionist Week 2. He is currently a castmember on Frank TV, and in 2009 was p...

  • Josh Macuga

    Josh Macuga View Profile

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a town that prides itself on Football, Steel, beautiful women and Josh Macuga.  A comic with a boyish charm best experienced when a few cocktails deep, Josh loves to simply entertain in any way possible. Josh and his producing partner Paul Fiore's YouTube channel TheCasualMafia has garnered over a million unique views and their hit The Douchebag Anthem still holds ...

  • Carin MacWithey

    Carin MacWithey View Profile

    Carin MacWithey’s comedy is snips and snails and puppy dog tails cleverly disguised as sugar and spice. You were thinking it. She just said it. Her comedy knows no boundries and her child like appearance makes it all the more hilarious.

  • Mike Mad Dog Adams

    Mike Mad Dog Adams View Profile

                    Mike “Mad Dog” Adams Bio (brief)   A Put-in-Bay, Oh., Round House Bar island tradition, since 1980, Mike "Mad Dog" Adams is living-proof that, "Every Day Above Ground Is A Gooood Day." (A catch-phrase he began using in his show back in the early eighties.)  Mike &quo...

  • Chris Maddock

    Chris Maddock View Profile

    City Pages recently said about Chris Maddock: "No one can deny that Maddock is a fast-rising star on the local standup scene and a man poised to possibly be a breakout star in the not-so-distant future." Chris Maddock comes from the land of sun kissed beer guts, beautiful Stillwater, MN. Chris' succinct observations, comedic integrity and gut-busting moustache appreciation has taken ...

  •  Maddox

    Maddox View Profile

  • Trey Maddox

    Trey Maddox View Profile

    Virginia Beach native Trey Maddox is one of the most promising new comics on the rise playing to sold out shows all across the country.    Trey is also the co-founder of “The Nick & Trey Show” with comic Nick Souffrant that's created a diverse buzz from coast to coast since its inception in 2016 (most recently gaining them sponsorship from Jack Daniels&rsqu...

  • Kathleen Madigan

    Kathleen Madigan View Profile

      ·         HBO ·         Netflix ·         The Tonight Show   Over Kathleen Madigan’s 25 year career she has performed on nearly every standup television show ever made. Leno, Letterman, Conan, Ferguson and most recently in 2015 on the n...

  • Dan Madonia

    Dan Madonia View Profile

    Dan Madonia is a Los Angeles-based standup comedian, actor and writer. Raised in upstate New York, Dan moved to Hollywood at a young age and has been performing for over five years in clubs around the country bringing laughs to a wide variety of audiences. Madonia has been featured on the SyFy Network, High Times Magazine and performs regularly for the Wounded Warriors Project. Drawing f...

  • Monique Madrid

    Monique Madrid View Profile

    Monique is a Los Angeles comedian, originally from Chicago where she performed standup, improv and sketch comedy with ​The Second City, iO, The Annoyance and ComedySportz, as well as in festivals around the country. As a standup she's been seen at The Laugh Factory, Zanies, Flappers, Chicago Underground Comedy, and in festivals such as the All ...

  • Al Madrigal

    Al Madrigal View Profile

      Named Best Stand-Up Comedian by the HBO/U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Al Madrigal's comedy has been called "dynamic" by The New York Times. He is now a seasoned correspondent on "The Daily Show." His unique, spontaneous and fast-paced lyrical storytelling style has made him a regular on television with numerous appearances on Comedy Central including his own half-hour Comedy Central...

  • Mo Madura

    Mo Madura View Profile

  • Charlene Mae

    Charlene Mae View Profile

    Charlene Mae standup career started in 1997,  she toured the country and opened for headliners such as Jeff Dunham, Marc Curry and Bill Engvall. She quit comedy for a few years and started back again in 2010.  Her material is versatile and her performance flows with non-stop laughter, all while being edgy without being offensive.  In 2013 Charlene was  invited to t...

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