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  • Violet Krumbein

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     Violet Krumbein graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in the Experimental Theater Wing. She recently had a guest star role on STARZ network series Gravity, co star role in NBC pilot "Off Duty," Emo Girl in MTV's "College Humor Show," Rich Girl Zombie in Adult Swim's "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet," and Jackie Silverstein in Campbell Scott's feature film "...

  •  KTB

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    There once was a brunette bunny and she met a blonde bunny at NYU Tisch. They were frightened so they grabbed each other for their first scene, and became the best of bunny friends. After the stress of drama school, the blonde bunny hopped west for warmer weather and a better agent. Soon after, the brunette bunny left her family and hopped west too. They reunited and wrote this show. The...

  • Esther Ku

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    Esther Ku is a comedian, actress and musician but mostly comedian because that’s what she told me to write first. I am her stenographer. (Not really, but she wants you to think she has a stenographer because she doesn’t want you to think she wrote her own bio.) In 2008, Ku was selected as the only female comedian from New York City to advance to the Las Vegas Semi-Finals in NBC’s Last Comic Sta...

  • Bob Kubota

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    Bob Kubota began his career as a stand-up comedian in 1987 while still a student of journalism at Arizona State University. His penchant for dry wit, lighthearted sarcasm and deciphering life’s ironies has led him to the majority of the contiguous 48 states as well as Alaska and Hawaii. The sly take that he has on his own ethnicity continually proves to be a popular feature of his act. Encouraged...

  • Josh Kudera

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  • Jason Kuller

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  • Alex Kumin

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    A Boston to Chicago transplant, Alex Kumin performs standup comedy all around Chicago and in cities across the US. She is a cast member of the longest running independent standup comedy showcase in the country, The Lincoln Lodge, as well as a co-producer of Cole's Chicago Cabaret, and is one of the fastest rising comedians in the city. She was recently highlighted in Chicago Magazine as a come...

  • Shad Kunkle

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     Shad has been touring and performing with The Second City for the last 4 years. He has been improvising in Chicago for over 8 years and would like to thank iO Chicago and ComedySportz Chicago for giving him the opportunity to perform and learn the craft of improvisation. He currently performs with Carl and The Passions and the Armando Diaz Experience. He is a proud coach of Chicago's best Ha...

  • Rick Kunkler

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    Rick Kunkler has been performing in theaters and musical shows since childhood. At the age of 20, after placing as a finalist in the Seattle Laugh Off as well as the Rocky Mountain Comedy competition, Rick moved to Los Angeles to expand his professional career. Within 2 months of arriving in L.A., he landed his first audition, appearing on the sitcom "Becker." Since then, Rick Kunkler has surf...

  • John Kuperman

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     John's loved comedy as far as he can remember.  Staying up late watching Johnny Carson and David Letterman was a real treat for this comic in the making.  Richard Pryor's Live on the Sunset Strip and Steve Martin's stand up ,and music, really made an early impact.  John knew at an early age, stand up was the avenue he wanted to call home.   

  • Dione Kuraoka

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  • John Kurschner

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    John Kurschner "Kursh" has been performing Stand-Up comedy for appx 5 yrs and has perfecting his craft primarily in the NY/NJ area. John Kurschner Jr was born and raised in Staten Island, NY and now lives in Matawan, NJ. "The Kursh" has been brushing up on the craft of Stand-up comedy by doing a well known open-mic at the Village Lantern. The Kursh is a familiar face in NYC's Laugh Lounge for the...

  • Kelly Kursten

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  • Elvira Kurt

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  • Perry Kurtz

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    Perry Kurtz is an Interactive and Motivational Entertainer bringing laughter & music to people around the world, and of all ages. He is the only known freestyle rapper that raps about whatever the audience is doing AS they do it, to ANY song, & has won 45 out of 47 rap battles. Perry Kurtz started standup in Philly in 1974, & moved to San Francisco in 1979 when Comedy was peaking. &n...

  • Jill Kushner

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  • Lee Kushner

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    Born, 1953, in The City of Brotherly Love, Lee G. Kushner soon discovered that many of his peers and elders did not embody that philosophy, so he allowed his more aggressive, older brother to deal with the resultant difficulties, while he retreated to the safety of his imagination, crafting bizarre, but entertaining, stories, a book, jokes- and revenge fantasies. In the 1990's (Philly, Charlotte),...

  • Elizabeth Kuyper

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  •  K-von

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    As the star of MTV’s hit show “Disaster Date”, K-von’s humor has made audiences laugh all over the world!  His hilarious hidden-camera show displays his talents, each character proving funnier and more outrageous than the last.  Currently, he works with as the spokesman/correspondent providing weekly videos on how you can protect yourself from fra...

  • Sam Kwasman

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    Sam is a veteran actor/comedian. From a professional dancer in movies such as "Mame" with Lucille Ball and stage musicals like "Hello Dolly" with Martha Raye and the "Music Man" with Van Johnson, he graduated to acting roles. You have seen him on such shows as "Bob Newhart"(Emmy nomination), "Family Ties" "Lou Grant", "Airwolf",...

  •  Kymedienne

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    Kymedienne always had a funny sense of humor about herself. It was about 1998 that she started to notice that people around her were always laughing. She would encounter different people and situations that humored people from all walks of life. She decided to pursue a comedy career professionally. She began her comedy career in 2006 at Ontario Improv Comedy Class with the help of her comedy in...

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