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  • Alison Klemp

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     Alison claims Colorado as home, because that's where she tried hallucinogens and standup for the first time (not simultaneously - that would happen years later in NYC). She hones her writing skills by trolling dudes on Tinder, and is hoping to release a dick pic calendar in the near future. Alison produces shows at New York Comedy Club and The Creek and the Cave, has performed in the New Yor...

  • Kara Klenk

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    Kara Klenk is a stand up comic, writer, and actor who grew up in Connecticut, the no-one-proclaimed comedy capital of New England. She was recently named by Time Out New York as one of the Top 10 Funniest Women in NYC and the overwhelming fame that followed drove her to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. Kara has appeared on several cable channels and websites and has writ...

  • Jordan Klepper

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     Jordan Klepper hails from Chicago where he was an active member of the improv community for close to ten years. While in Chicago he was an original member of the long running shows "Whirled News Tonight," "The Late Night Late Show," as well as the "Beatbox." At the i.O. Theatre he played regularly with "The Armando Diaz Experience," veteran Harold team...

  • Amelia Kleymann

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  • The Klik

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  • Andy Kline

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    A Leesburg VA native, Andy has always had an interest in Comedy. After getting his comedy start in Washington DC in 1998, Andy has been able to branch out to clubs across the country. In addition to regular appearances on 98 Rock and XM Radio, Andy has performed at The DC Improv, Magooby’s Joke House, Miami Improv, Comedy Cellar in NYC, The Seattle Comedy Underground, and The Baltimore Comedy F...

  • Elizabeth Klingele

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  • Jeff Klinger

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  • Joe Klocek

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    · Seen on Last Comic Standing! · Appeared on Comedy Central’s “LIVE AT GOTHAM.” · 2003, Runner up in The S.F. International Comedy Competition. · 2004, Finalist in the Seattle Comedy Competition. · Appeared in the Emmy award winning documentary, “A bridge so far.”

  • Collin Klug

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  • Leah Knauer

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  • Maggie Kneip

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    Maggie Kneip has performed in cabaret reviews at Don’t Tell Mama and the Broadway Comedy Club, and in her own shows at the Laurie Beechman Theatre and most recently, The Metropolitan Room with The John Colianni Trio, featuring Jay Leonhart. In another life, she performed at Surflight Summer Theatre and The Downington Ramada Inn Dinner Theatre, as well as choreographed the 1978 Harvard Law S...

  • Darren Knight

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    Bang Productions presents Darren Knight's Southern Momma An Em Comedy Tour 2017 produced by John Edmonds Kozma. Hosted by "The Distinguished Gentleman" Gary Cargal.

  • Jak Knight

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    Originally from Seattle, Jak Knight is an LA-based stand-up comic, writer, and actor.  He was named a 2014 Comedy Central Comic to Watch and a 2015 New Face at the Montreal JFL Festival. In television, Jak has performed on The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, @Midnight, and Adam Devine’s House Party.  On the road, he performed at the main stage of 2015’s Oddball Comedy Fe...

  • John Knight

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    Always a big hit at any event, John Knight has long been considered one of the best by his peers. He has been described as an every man storyteller with a deadpan cutting edge. His satirical look at some of life’s day in day out frustrations leaves audiences rolling with laughter, and clamoring for more.  John has performed all over the world, entertaining the troops overseas and also a...

  • Tom Knight

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    Tom Knight is an accomplished improviser and stand up comedian who has performed on stages all over the country.  Follow him on twitter @tomdknight.

  • Bud Knocker

    Bud Knocker View Profile

    Born in Los Angeles, lover of all sports, information central of all trivia. Very happily married to my Wendy, father of five. Resides in Glendora Cal. Co-Host of SportsCast. Just happy to be here! Bud Knocker rules!

  • Derrick Knopsnyder

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    I am a young comic, born and raised in a small "classy" town, or "rednceck" town whichever, I don't like labels. Since I was a little kid I've always wanted to be a comedian, then after my first year in college I decided that there is no better time then the present and I took to the stage for the first time in May 2010. I can remember them calling my name to walk ...

  • Matt Knost

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  • Erik Knowles

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    Erik Knowles is 2016's The World Series of Comedy champion, taking first place in every round of the series.  He is the most requested comedian among U.S. Troops, and has received many prestegious awards such as the Veterans Choice Award for Best Comedian.  His act feels like a gripping one-man show with belly laughs every ten seconds.  Erik believes in the healing power of laughter...

  • JC Knows Best

    JC Knows Best View Profile

    JC Knows Best is a versatile yet irreverent comedian, writer, and actor who is based out of New York City.  He has an interesting take on life based on his unique life experiences which include being an ex-husband, ex-preacher of a non denominational Christian church, and an ex-corporate drone. His sense of humor is composed of dark themes based on his dysfunctional family upbringing, religio...

  • Matt Knudsen

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    Matt Knudsen was born in Hawaii, raised in the Mid-West and sailed around the world as a merchant marine. After trips to Africa, Europe and The Far East, he eventually put down his sea bag, picked up a microphone and began performing stand up comedy all across the country. As an actor, Matt has shared the big screen with Oscar winner Sean Penn in the Warner Brothers feature Gangster Squad and a...

  • Chris Knutson

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    Chris Knutson has been testing his free-wheeling, experimental style of comedy for several years now, and has recently won the Acme's Funniest Person in the Twin Cities contest. Chris has been featured on Comedy Central's, is a Minnesota Fringe Festival veteran, a co-producer, writer and performer of the topical sketch comedy series "The Weekly: Yesterday's News Today", and is one hal...

  • Jay Ko

    Jay Ko View Profile

    Jay Ko is one hilarious stand-up comedian and script writer. Not just gifted with a funny personality, Jay is a keen observer of life and people from which he derives original material and is so depthly insightful that he contrives his setup and punchlines on the fly effortlessly. An ever-improving craftsman, he continually refines his material and is meticulous about the nuances of expression, al...

  • Jen Kober

    Jen Kober View Profile

    Jen Kober is originally from Lake Charles, LA, and has recently bounded onto the national stage bringing crowds to their feet with her original blend of stand-up, story telling, and improvised rock-n-roll comedy.  Her hard-hitting hour is phenomenally funny as Kober commands the stage and dares you not to laugh. See Jen Now.. as Joan on BET's Real Husbands of Hollywood star...

  • Keon Kobra

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    Keon Kobra is a Bay Area stand up comic. His unique and brand of dark humor belies a wit heretofore unheard of. His brand of filthy jokes and clever observations make him a shakey snake to watch out for. Kobra Strike!

  • Shelby Kocee

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  • Rebekah Kochan

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  • David Koechner

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    Actor, writer and producer David Koechner stars as Tush on CBS's "Superior Donuts." He's also well-known for his roles as Todd Packer on “The Office” and Champ Kind from “Anchorman” and “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” Koechner recently starred in Legendary’s “Krampus” and Roadside Attraction’s “Priceless.&r...

  • Danielle Koenig

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  • Megan Koester

    Megan Koester View Profile

    Megan Koester is a writer and comedian (obviously) who resides in Los Angeles (somewhat less obviously). A columnist for VICE, she co-produces Entitlement, a monthly comedy show with other VICE scribes which has had the pleasure to host such notables as Neil Hamburger, Marc Maron, Kyle Kinane, Maria Bamford, Kurt Braunohler, Reggie Watts and Andy Kindler (who she collaborated with on her "How...

  • David Koff

    David Koff View Profile

    After being a cast member of Fake Radio since 2002, David began directing and producing the show in 2004 when the show's creator - Robin Jones - gave David his blessing and then promptly fled from Los Angeles. David's acting credits on TV include "The West Wing”, "Threat Matrix”, "Medical Investigation”, "Line of Fire” and "Sesame Street”. He's performed improv comedy with "Emerging Global Superpo...

  • Matt Koff

    Matt Koff View Profile

    Matt is currently staffed as a writer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He has also written for IFC’s Onion News Network, GSN’s The Newlywed Game, Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 blog, and was a recurring panelist on The History Channel series I Love the 1880s. As a stand-up comedian, Matt can be seen on the forthcoming season of Adam DeVine’s House Party on Comedy Central. He has toured with such name...

  • Brian Kohatsu

    Brian Kohatsu View Profile

    Brian Kohatsu spent 20 years as an award-winning director before stepping away from the camera for a career in comedy.  He quickly found success in radio and gained national recognition when he was featured on Sirius/XM. Brian trained with several improv troupes, before transitioning to stand up.  He now performs at various comedy clubs, casinos, churches and corporate ev...

  • Asterios Kokkinos

    Asterios Kokkinos View Profile

  • Joey Kola

    Joey Kola View Profile

    As a stand-up comedian for 30 years, Joey Kola has performed for hundreds of thousands of people throughout his career in the US, Canada and England. His high energy, spot on punch lines, and fast delivery assault an audience like a comedic freight train. Joey's topical and timeless material combine to always make his audiences laugh hard.   Joey has worked at countless comedy clubs, co...

  • Phil Kolas

    Phil Kolas View Profile

    Phil Kolas started comedy in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, while attending college for philosophy. Eventually he decided to do something with his life, so he dropped out and has been putting his nose to the comedy grindstone for over three years now. Come watch him get to the bottom of life's comedic & philosophic mysteries, like the ontology of a dick joke, and what the hell "ontology" means.

  • Johnny Kolasinski

    Johnny Kolasinski View Profile

    Johnny Kolasinski is a tech marketer and arts advocate living in San Diego. Previously, he’s worked in arts marketing and stage management. He toured as a performing firebreather and acrobat as a part of En Flambe, a comedic stunt troupe that performed largely at Renaissance faires. That’s not how he lost his eye or his hair. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Steam by googling...

  • Ali Kolbert

    Ali Kolbert View Profile

  • Geoff Kole

    Geoff Kole View Profile

  • Samson Koletkar

    Samson Koletkar View Profile

    Samson, often called "The Indian Seinfeld", is the worlds only known Indian Jewish Standup Comedian. Born and raised in Mumbai, and now living in San Francisco, his comedy is a unique perspective on life as an Indian Jew in the West. His observations and experiences are refreshingly new and unadulterated by existing stereotypes. He establishes a new and unique view of the world, which o...

  • Sue Kolinsky

    Sue Kolinsky View Profile

  • Alex Koll

    Alex Koll View Profile

    ALEX KOLL is a San Francisco based Funnyman and Entertainmenter of variable power and speed. In 2009 he performed in the "New Faces" showcase at the prestigious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, garnering a "Best of New Faces" nod. He appears on Comedy Central's "Live At Gotham" 2009 season, and has also performed at the SXSW, Vancouver, The Bridgetown Comedy Festiv...

  • El Kompa Yaso

    El Kompa Yaso View Profile

    El Kompa Yaso con K, also known as Unktú Pangh Uhehé Ramírez, is a single mother of 3 beautiful children who rose to stardom after being a finalist on Estrella TV's Tengo Talento Mucho Talento. With his dark and entertaining humor, El Kompa Yaso captured audiences all over the country and became an instant star. Since his appearance on Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, El ...

  • Henrietta Komras

    Henrietta Komras View Profile

    Before she started doing comedy, Henrietta was married to a rabbi for twenty years, “For our honeymoon, we went to Israel. He took me to an Israeli disco called, “let my people go go.” She started thinking about doing comedy because everyone said she was funny at temple. Finally, she left the rabbi and headed for Hollywood. In her stand-up routine, Henrietta’s beyond cougar, she’s a saber-t...

  • Matt Kona

    Matt Kona View Profile

    Matt Kona is a regular on the Boston Comedy Scene, and a fresh voice. Not for the faint of heart, Matt’s dark sense of humor pokes fun at topics from the mundane to the taboo with equal sharpness. He blends absurdist one liners and twisted topical commentary, making him one of the most unique and interesting comedians in New England.

  • Hari Kondabolu

    Hari Kondabolu View Profile

  • Dave Konig

    Dave Konig View Profile

    Emmy award winning comedian Dave Konig hosted HBO’s infamous late night comedy series Hardcore TV, hosted and produced the cult hit talk show parody The Dave Konig Show for USA Network, and won three Emmy Awards as host of NY Metro TV’s reality/comedy series Subway Q&A! With his wife, acclaimed humor writer Susan Konig, Dave hosted the national, daily comedy talk show Speak ...

  • Jeff Konkle

    Jeff Konkle View Profile

    Winner of 2006 'Funniest Person in Pgh' @ the Improv - has opened for Pauly Shore, Bill Burr & Jim Bruer.

  • Ben Konstantin

    Ben Konstantin View Profile

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