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  •  Inside Out

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    Inside Out Orange County, CA, April 2011, 21 mins. Dodge College of Film and Media Arts (Chapman University) LA Premiere Short Film Synopsis: Harry Dengler is diagnosed with Agoraphobia (fear of going outside) because literally every time he tries to go outside, something extremely embarrassing happens. Then one day, Becky, the beautiful new neighbor moves in across the street and it's love ...

  • The Instant Classics

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    At Over 150 events a year The Instant Classics bring the party every time they take the stage.  With a repertoire of over 300 songs they have the right music to fit any moment.  From Motown to Classic Rock and Spanning all the way to today’s Top 40 the band has spent 10 years perfecting their show to entertain people of every musical taste.

  • NYE Interactive Show

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    An interactive improv comedy show featuring some of the most talented improvisers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

  • Glasgow International Comedy Festival Presents...

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  • Sandro Iocolano

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    Hi I’m Sandro Iocolano and I stand-up comedian and write. Here is my favorite quote about me. “Sandro Iocolano is an unforgettable comic with an impossible name to pronounce, and spell” said Sandro’s father of his son. Born in Boston, raised in Florida, Sandro was born into a retirement community to immigrant Italian parents and a German Shepard, he grew up only spea...

  • Steve Iott

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    Steve Iott is an embattled veteran comic who has seen it all, and has plenty to say about it. He does comedy without the aid of props, mirrors, or sleight-of-hand camera tricks. Known as a master of improvisation, Steve takes the audience along as he spins his bizarre tales of ridiculous life experiences. No topic is safe, and no two shows are ever the same. 

  •  iProv

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     iProv is half Classic Rock, half Alternative Country and half Speed Metal. The audience provides song titles and iProv (Ezra Weisz, Gretchen Enders, Mitchell Roché) takes it from there. Entirely improvised; ages 16 and up.

  • Alvin Irby

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  • Jack Ireland

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    Jack was born in raised in Benica California. He first got into acting and performing through local musical theatre. Jack originally came to LA to study film and graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelors in Film. After six month post grad he realized he needed to get back into the acting game and begin taking classes with United Citizens Brigade. Improv has become a huge part of ...

  • Jack Ireland Dead Acc.

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  • Anthony Irons

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    Anthony Irons (Ensemble) is a Congo Square Theatre ensemble member, where his credits include Elmina's Kitchen, Top Dog Under Dog, with Amercian Theatre Company and Brother's of the Dust, which garnered six 2011 Black Theatre Alliance Awards. Anthony directed BarackOlypse Now! for The Second City Outreach & Diversity Department and The Colored Museum for Congo Square Theatre. He wrote and dir...

  • Dom Irrera

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    When Dom Irrera takes the stage, he does not simply get on it, he owns it! Dom projects a singular charisma that firmly engages audiences from the opening moment and doesn't let go until the end of the performance, and beyond. Trying to analyze what makes a comedian special is typically a fool's errand, but we'll give it a go: With Dom, it seems to be a blend of regular-guy ...

  • Tom Irwin

    Tom Irwin View Profile

    Comedian Tom Irwin has done four tours of Iraq and Afghanistan entertaining members of the United States military. He also wrote and produced his acclaimed one person show "25 Days in Iraq" A Comedian's Journey through the War. This show met with much critical success and he was honored to be asked to perform "25 Days" at the White House in Washington, D.C. He performs regularly in clubs around th...

  • Bryan Irzyk

    Bryan Irzyk View Profile

    Bryan started his Improv career in Chicago in 2002.  He studied at iO (formerly Improv Olympic) and completed the conservatory program at The Second City training center.  He performed at iO as a member of The Pat Shay Dancers. In 2004, Bryan moved to Los Angeles to further his career.  He began studying and performing at the LA Connection Comedy theater and iO West.  H...

  • Matt Iseman

    Matt Iseman View Profile

    Although he always loved being the center of attention, Matt started down a very different road. After graduating with honors from Princeton University and the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he received his MD, he returned home to the University of Colorado for his residency in Internal Medicine. Then, in a move that shocked patients and parents alike, he quit his job as a d...

  • Id Isn't Always Pretty: An Evening with Broad City

    Id Isn't Always Pretty: An Evening with Broad City View Profile

  • Kevin Iso

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    Originally from Houston, Kevin Iso began performing stand up all across Texas before moving to New York. Harnessing a unique point of view with a calm demeanor, Kevin remains honest, conversational, and present never forcing the joke rather allowing the audience to come to him. Kevin has performed at the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland, the Funny or Die Oddball Festival, and Brid...

  • Kevin Israel

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  • Michael Issac

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  • Gettin It

    Gettin It View Profile

    Hosted by Julia Cotton and Devon Kodzis, Gettin' It showcases storytellers in DFW. Each show features a brand-new lineup of true, unique stories that combine to form a must-see event. 

  • Why It Brite

    Why It Brite View Profile

    Two ladies.  One blank stage. Cast Ashley Bright Sarah Wyatt

  • Gettin It February

    Gettin It February View Profile

    Hosted by Julia Cotton, this showcase features original tales by some of Dallas' best storytellers!

  • Gettin It June

    Gettin It June View Profile

    True tales from some of the most unique voices in the city!

  • Fake It Till You Break It

    Fake It Till You Break It View Profile

    It's ok to not be ok. In fact, it's hilarious.    Fake It 'til You Break It is the Dallas Comedy House's latest main stage sketch revue, featuring a cast and writing team of local comedians. Fast-paced and fun, the show understands that a lot of us, much like the world, are one bad day away from a breakdown. The cast invites you to let them shoulder that burden...

  • Gettin' It: Got It

    Gettin' It: Got It View Profile

    A showcase of stories and standup hosted by Katy Evans.

  • Tanya Ivens

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  • Teri Ivens

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  • Terri Ivens

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  • Keenen Ivory Wayans

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    The trail-blazing linchpin of a sprawling African-American family of comic entertainers, it was multi-talented writer/director/producer Keenen Ivory Wayans (born June 8, 1958, in New York City) who was the first to achieve national prominence by successfully creating, launching and hosting a landmark 1990s black-oriented comedy satire on Fox TV. That, in turn, ignited and/or advanced the career...

  • Rick Izquieta

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    Comedian Rick Izquieta showcased his stand-up comedy set December 2013 on the Starz TV Network comedy show “STAANN' DUP!!”, hosted by Donnell Rawlings of Comedy Central's Dave Chappelle Show.  Rick creates comedy sketches, has been the voice for Black Belt TV's MMA fights and Montejo Beer commercial.   You can also find Rick’s stand-up on Sirius Radio...

  • Eddie Izzard

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    Edward John "Eddie" Izzard is an English stand-up comedian, actor and writer. His comedy style takes the form of rambling, whimsical monologue and self-referential pantomime. He had a starring role in the television series The Riches as Wayne Malloy and has appeared in many films such as Ocean's Twelve, Ocean's Thirteen, Mystery Men, Sha...

  • The Izzy Show

    The Izzy Show View Profile

    Izzy and a cast of multi-talented teens take a comedic jab at news, pop-culture and teen angst from their unique POV. This monthly showcase takes its cues from the best: Chappelle Show, The Chris Rock Show, You Can't Do That on Television, and All That, while bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to a tried and true formula. The show will feature: Pre-Taped Film Spoofs Faux Commercials Music...

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