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  • What I Did For Love

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  • Self-Aware I Hardly Know Her

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    Dallas Comedy House's latest sketch revue, SELF AWARE? I HARDLY KNOW HER, takes a look at the people who just don't get it. From the chef who gives a little too much detail in describing a meal, to seat passengers on the plane who can't be tamed, SELF AWARE? I HARDLY KNOW HER highlights the humor in the uncomfortable encounters that make us human.   Written and performe...

  •  I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You

    I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You View Profile

    I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You Spain - 2010 - 2min 30sec LA Premiere Short Film Synopsis: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. (Exactly as titled. No more. No less.) 

  • Michael Ian Black

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    Michael Ian Black regularly tours the country performing his ribald brand of humorous jokes and observations. Black’s latest special and CD, “Very Famous,” was released in 2011 and was followed by the nationwide “Black is White” tour. His first comedy CD, “I Am A Wonderful Man,” was released in 2007. Black is currently co-host of a popular podcast wi...

  • Adrienne Iapalucci

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    Born and bred in the Bronx, Adrienne Iapalucci’s skewed look on life is reflected in her unique brand of intelligent comedy. Her dark sense of humor is enhanced by her political incorrectness and counteracted by her love of dogs. Comedy fans might recognize Adrienne from her performances as a semifinalist on season 7 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and her recent appearance on the ...

  • jake ice house test

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  • Billy Idol

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    Rock stars come and go, but Idol is forever… BILLY IDOL remains crucial to rock ‘n’ roll. His style, charm, charisma and bravado transcend trends and time. Where would rock music be without him? Would it look the same? Would it sound the same? Who hasn’t chanted along to “Rebel Yell,” “Mony Mony” or “White Wedding”? IDOL’s influence is inescapable and still inspiring to this day. In the summ...

  • Anthony Ierulli

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    Born and raised in Huntington, Long Island, Anthony became interested in music at an early age. He played coronet in elementary school and studied guitar in his teens. During his high school years he joined a rock band playing lead guitar. In his mid twenties he joined a wedding band and became the lead vocalist. During the eighties he took a sabbatical to raise a family but did some freelance si...

  •  IFA

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  • Eddie Ifft

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    Eddie Ifft – has been called one of the most underrated comics in America by the Onion and has proudly told jokes around the world to sold-out crowds in over 15 countries.  Most recently Eddie is host of one of the most successful podcasts in the comedy world called “Talkin' Sh*t”.  In March he will be guest starring in a brand new television show on the FX network ...

  • Gabriel Iglesias

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    Gabriel Iglesias is the youngest of six children, raised by a single mother in Long Beach, CA.  It was during his childhood that he developed a strong sense of humor to deal with the obstacles he faced. In 1997, he set out to hone his comedic skills, and performed stand-up anywhere he could find an audience; including biker bars and hole-in-the-wall joints.  Gabriel’s stand-up come...

  • Albert Im

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    The first joke Albert Im ever wrote was a submission to Laffy Taffy. Back then Laffy Taffy came in squares and the jokes were printed on the inside of the wrapper - it was a very different time. The joke had something to do with trickle-down economics, but he never got a response. Comedy's a tough business.

  •  I'm Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents

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    I'm Having A Difficult Time Killing My Parents Denver, CO - Los Angeles, CA - October 2010 - 15 min. Short Film

  • Robert Ima

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  • Christopher Imerti

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  • Cathy Immordino

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     Born as Cathy Aileen Immordino on August 28 1981 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Her mother was a grade school teacher and boy & girl scout leader and her father was a successful V.P. at a transportation and logistics company. Growing up, Cathy was focused on becoming a songwriter, musician and actress. She toured all over the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean Islands with her music projec...

  • Cate Imperio

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  • Squishin Impossible

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  • Squishin' Impossible

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  • Automatic Improv

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    Automatic Improv is an Atlanta-based improv group that creates fast-paced and hilarious comedy based on YOUR suggestions for audiences all over the city! We perform a combination of short-form and long-form improvisational comedy that has been called awesome, hilarious and what was the question?

  • Blacklist Improv

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    Blacklist Improv is an improvisation troupe based in the mountains of Asheville, N.C. Members hail from across the United States, but they conveniently all moved to Asheville at around the same time with improv on the brain. Combined the players have studied and performed improv at Second City and iO in Chicago, and the Dallas Comedy House. They perform weekly at The Odditorium and monthly at The ...

  • Franzia Improv

    Franzia Improv View Profile

    Laurie, Christie, Tommy, and Terry are four highly opinionated, unfiltered minds that attack one word suggestions with a vengeance. They turn ordinary relationship dynamics upside down, and develop themes exposing the absurdity of the status quo. Franzia is unfettered, relentless, and shameless, and they are sure to show you something that you that you have never seen before. And they're funny...

  • Kool-Aid Improv

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    Kool-Aid is the brainchild of a Dallas Comedy House audience member that wanted to see her favorite individual actors perform together on stage as a group.  Terry Catlett, Cameron Goldapp, Mike Maiella, Tommy Brown & Tyler Via set out to turn this Make-a-Wish dream into a reality.  Each member brings a unique voice & improv style that results in long form pieces based on rel...

  • Manick Improv

    Manick Improv View Profile

    "Manick keeps razor focus, deriving most of their comedy from the tiniest slip up from their partner. It’s controlled energy, total confidence and excellent chemistry."- Theater Jones 2014.   Manick is the longest running show at Dallas Comedy House. They like performing with each other, and they’d like for you to stop by. They’ve performed at the Dallas Comedy ...

  • Photobomb Improv

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    Photobomb wants to get to know YOU! They will take details from your life and create a show inspired by you. One of the original house troupes at the Dallas Comedy House (DCH), Photobomb has been taking the stage weekly at DCH for over the past three years. They have performed at the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Dallas Comedy Festival and have opened for troupes such as Lady Town. They can't wai...

  • Stache Improv

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    Experience the inner-most thoughts and secrets of men about the world, work, chicks and life’s challenges as improvised by the dude-ladies of Stache.

  • Free Improv Class

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  • Free Improv Class Dallas

    Free Improv Class Dallas View Profile

    On the last Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm, you can see what it's like to take an improv class! No need to sign up in advance, just show up.

  • Mission IMPROVable

    Mission IMPROVable View Profile

    Mission IMPROVable, which recently won Campus Activities Magazine’s Comedy Act of the Year award in 2011 and Entertainer of the Year in 2012, is one of the longest running improv shows in Los Angeles. They are the house group at the Westside Comedy Theater and also have a thriving touring company. Mission Improvable is: Roland Lopez, Josh Covitt, Brian J Hunt, Joey Greer, Jeff MacKinnon

  • The Improvised Christmas Movie

    The Improvised Christmas Movie View Profile

    The cast of The Improvised Horror Movie is back with a Christmas twist! They'll create all the characters, frame all the camera shots, and the entire flick will be scored by the incomparable Raye Maddox. So put on your favorite scarf, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and get ready to watch a Christmas movie be created right in front of your eyes! 

  • Louisville Improvisors

    Louisville Improvisors View Profile

    Louisville Improvisors originated ensemble Improvisation in Louisville over 13 years ago and continue to explore the unique art form of Theatrical Improvisation. Their concept shows walk the tightrope of unscripted theatre... combining traditional stage work with the unpredictable elements of improv. The result is an adrenaline pumping night where anything goes... and usually does. They are also ...

  • All In

    All In View Profile

    It's a high stakes poker game. Everyone else at the table has folded. You look across at your opponent. It's actually 5 people playing as one. Yes that's allowed. Stop asking dumb questions. You've got pocket Aces and you're feeling pretty good. You tap the table to signal a "check." You look in disbelief as the group across the table slides all their chips to the mid...

  • Women in Comedy: Through the Generations

    Women in Comedy: Through the Generations View Profile

  •  In Loco Parentis

    In Loco Parentis View Profile

    In Loco Parentis Australia, January 2011, 7mins USA Premiere Short Film Synopsis: 'Two men confront each other in a strange underground room. They share a dark, hidden past. Before long the power play becomes personal, and this uneasy interrogation takes a series of turns neither of them expected, with far reaching consequences…'

  •  In Rare Form

    In Rare Form View Profile

     In Rare Form is an improv group specializing in short form improv. The group was formed in 2008 in a small North Hollywood theatre. They decided to take their hilarity on the road and currently perform at multiple venues in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. You may have seen them entertaining in places like the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd or even at your cousin's bar mitzv...

  • Nothing In Stone

    Nothing In Stone View Profile

  • Glow In The Drum

    Glow In The Drum View Profile

    Uncontrollable foot tapping, head bopping, and pure bewilderment are side effects of witnessing Glow in the Drum

  • Partners In Time

    Partners In Time View Profile

    Partners in Time is Roger Connelly and Tyler Swartwood. They have both been performing improvised comedy in Oklahoma City for more than two years. Roger and Tyler met by taking OKC Improv classes.

  • Disappearing Inc

    Disappearing Inc View Profile

    Disappearing, Inc. performs a format they like to call an "Armando Light", where a guest monologist tells a 2 minute story about their past and then the cast performs a long form improv show inspired by that story. Unrehearsed and unpredictable fun!

  • JP Inc.

    JP Inc. View Profile

    JP Incorporated Bad news for all you Pleaseeasaur fans out there; Pleaseeasaur is no longerasaur. On the other hand, good news for all you Pleaseeasaur fans out there; Pleaseeasaur's JP Hasson is back as JP Incorporated. And now you can now enjoy JP Incorporated's debut debut release from Comedy Central Records, An Album of Distinction.

  • International Incident

    International Incident View Profile

  • The Indicators

    The Indicators View Profile

  • Joey Infante

    Joey Infante View Profile

    Joey Infante, director, Cuban-born Joey Infante has an impressive resume. He was a reigning star in Cuba and brought to the New York stages not only his singing and acting talents, but dancing as well. Joey was discovered by the late Richard Rodgers while appearing at the Westport Country Playhouse in Connecticut. From there Joey began performing in such Broadway musicals as West Side Story, O...

  • Lisa Ingber

    Lisa Ingber View Profile

    I've performed in the Boston Comedy Festival, a finalist in California's Funniest Female and Ultimate Laffdown, Finished 2nd in the Las Vegas Comedy contest and have been in several commercials.

  • Matt Ingebretson

    Matt Ingebretson View Profile

    Matt Ingebretson is a comedian in Los Angeles. He was named one of Comedy Central's Comics to Watch in 2014, and was featured on season three of Adam Devine's House Party.

  • Rick Ingraham

    Rick Ingraham View Profile

    Started stand-up comedy at Stanford and Sons Comedy Club in Kansas City (little Hollywood). After two years in the fast-paced, highly competetive Kansas City comedy scene, I moved to L.A. and started doing comedy full time. I’ve been a regular at the Hollywood Comedy Store since 2003, performing 5 nights a week. I also perform at the "Comedy and Magic Club" in Hermosa beach occasio...

  • Eric Ingram

    Eric Ingram View Profile

  • James Inman

    James Inman View Profile

    James Inman is the 1997 winner of the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He’s performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, Comedy Central Laugh Riots and is a three time headliner of the Seattle Lenny Bruce Festival. He was co-creator of the Mudslingers Ball Comedy Central pilot which later became Crossballs:The Debate Show and R...

  • Erikka Innes

    Erikka Innes View Profile

    Nationally touring comedian and award-winning writer, Erikka Innes, is scoring high marks in comedy clubs all over. Her act is smart, insightful, and her quirky innocence masks a dark, biting undertone. Erikka has toured with "The CoExist Comedy Tour," “Five Funny Females,” “Women Who Kick Comedy Butt,” and “The High School Reunion Comedy Tour.” Her c...

  • Neil Innes

    Neil Innes View Profile

    is an English writer and performer of comic songs, best known for his collaborative work with Monty Python, and for playing in the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and later The Rutles.

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