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  • Spank E

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    “Spank E” Comedian, Writer, Entertainer, Actor, On-Air Personality and Model gives a new meaning to ‘Clean Comedy’ by using his Charm, Sex Appeal and Wits, that’s why the Memphis, TN “Commercial Appeal” Newspaper named him the Funniest Man in Memphis. “Spank E” exemplifies the meaning of Clean Comedy but “Clean Comedy does not mean Un-Fun...

  • Mike E Winfield

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    You can currently see Mike E. Winfield in BRAD PAISLEY’S COMEDY RODEO, a Netflix Original stand-up special. After making his network debut on THE LATE SHOW, Winfield has since appeared on NBC’s THE OFFICE, Showtime’s COMICS WITHOUT BORDERS, THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW, and Comedy Central’s LIVE AT GOTHAM. Mike’s graced the big screen in his feature PIMP, in which he star...

  • Daniel Eachus

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    Born and raised in Fresno, CA, Daniel Eachus moved to Long Beach, CA in fall 2008. In February 2009, Daniel started performing stand-up comedy nightly, and after just one year of doing stand-up, became the youngest finalist ever of the prestigious “Funniest Comic in Los Angeles” comedy contest at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in early 2010. Today Daniel performs stand-up comedy in comedy ...

  • Mike Eagan

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    Ask any comedian in the country, they will tell you…Mike Eagan is a comedian’s comedian. This is one of those funny people that make all the other funny people stay after their set is done to watch a master. He tells the most simple stories in the most disarming - and hilarious - manner. Whether the topic is driving on a crowded highway, sharing a bathroom with his wife or visiting the family at ...

  • Dana Eagle

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    Miss Eagle has been seen on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central and Byron Allen's Comics Unleashed, where she became a contributing writer. She is most proud of the unique experience performing throughout Iraqi bases for the troops. She was showcased in HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival in her solo show, Stones From Glass Houses followed by the second in the serie...

  • Mike Eagle

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  • Mike Earley

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    Born at a very young age, Mike Earley has made some noteworthy progress since those early days. Growing up in Minnesota, he was born in St. Paul, eventually moving to the suburb of Woodbury in the third grade. Mike was a quiet kid in school depending on who you ask, but if you ask me, he was quiet. Given his introverted characteristics, when it came time to speak in front of the class, his natural...

  • Jimmy Earll

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    Filipino stand up comedian from California...He was selected for the 2009 San Francisco International  Comedy Competition...he opened for pinoy comic, Edwin San Juan in Saudi Arabia...recently returned from a Scandinavian tour...he also opens for Rex Navarrete in Canada and the US...he's also opened for JoKoy, Norm McDonald, George Wallace and Russell Peters. He also performs on the La...

  • Mike Early

    Mike Early View Profile

    Born at a very young age, Mike Earley has made notable progress since those early days. He was first raised in St. Paul, eventually moving to the suburb of Woodbury in the third grade. During this time, he actively participated in a family of five, of which he is still a card-carrying member (health insurance). Mike was a quiet kid in school depending on who you ask, but if you ask me, he was ...

  • Mike Easmeil

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    Mike Easmeil, a comedian/writer of Palestinian heritage, is excited to once again be a part of the NYAACF. A veteran of stand-up comedy, Mike first performed 16 years ago at Groucho's Comedy Club in Virginia, while completing his Communications Degree. His clean, clever comedy pokes fun of himself, his family, and life's absurdities. In addition to owning a restaurant, being a husband and ...

  •  EastonAshe

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    EastonAshe plays over 300 shows a year and has shared the stage with the Doobie Brothers, The Subdudes, Dennis DeYoung (of Styx), The Spin Doctors, Collective Soul, John Waite and many others. EA?s original music is as varied as their cover songs, drawing on elements from many different genres and styles of music. EA reinvents old classics and faithfully reinterprets newer hits ...

  • Cindy Eaton

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  • Eric Eaton

    Eric Eaton View Profile

    Eric has performed all over the United States. Some cities would include Las Vegas, Hollywood, Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, St. Louis, New Orleans, Sarasota, Hilton Head Island and many more. Eric is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and at age 15 was invited to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Eric has been asked to perform at two comic con type events. Eric ha...

  • Ezekiel Echevarria

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    Ezekiel Echevarria is a Stand Up Comedian of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent. Raised in the suburbs of Rancho Cucamonga, he learned quickly he had a different view of the people who surrounded him. He was ridiculed for thinking differently, questioning authority, and refused to be apart of the status quo. Ezekiel moved to the city of Boston for five years where he truly felt at home. He was able ...

  • Doug Ecks

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    Doug Ecks was born in the middle of an ocean. He has spent most of his life in Las Vegas, where he studied desperation and alcohol. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where everything is just fine.

  • Costaki Economopolous

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    In the spring of 1993 Costaki was doing graduate work at the University of Georgia. He spent most of his time hammering out a thesis on the influence of political satire on our feelings about government. His off time was spent honing his stand-up skills in pizza joints and bars around town. When he had to turn down a couple of gigs to work on the paper, it made his stomach hurt. He hung in there, ...

  • Big Ed Caylor

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  • Mark Eddie

    Mark Eddie View Profile

    Los Angeles based comic/singer/songwriter MARK EDDIE is a five-time “Campus Entertainer of the Year” nominee heard on SIRIUS-XM® SATELLITE RADIO, RAW DAWG COMEDY®, THE BOB & TOM SHOW® and THE FIVE O’CLOCK FUNNIES®. Formerly the host of NBC'S® regional syndicated show DATE NIGHT TV® he's seen by millions on The Showtime Comedy Club Network&re...

  • Alex Edelman

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  • Mat Edgar

    Mat Edgar View Profile

    Native to southern California Mat Edgar was born from a French Italian father and a Latin mother. Growing up, Mat moved many times up and down the west coast living in both rich and poor neighborhoods exposing him to many diversities such as race and class. This influenced his life both socially and comedically. Mat Edgar started off his stand up comedy career as a door guy at the world famous Com...

  • WC Edgar

    WC Edgar View Profile

    Alcohol of Fame... In a not so perfect world filled with a facade of pretty faced boy bands with absolutely no substance, and lame reality "Idol" shows filled with bad karaoke shower singers, stands a guy at six foot three who's paid his dues in Country Music. WC Edgar has ridden a lot of roads in both rickety vans and million-dollar tour buses since his start in country music playing ...

  • Allen Edge

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  • Jane Edith Wilson

    Jane Edith Wilson View Profile

  • Fielding Edlow

    Fielding Edlow View Profile

    Fielding Edlow is a comedian, writer and actress based in Los Angeles. Fielding currently voices the recurring character, “Roxie” on Bojack Horseman and has her own monthly show ‘Eat Pray F*ck’ at the Improv Lab. Her solo show, Coke-Free J.A.P., originally performed in the NYC Fringe Festival (Backstage’s “Best of Fringe Award”), was f...

  • Bob Edwards

    Bob Edwards View Profile

  • Christopher Edwards

    Christopher Edwards View Profile

    My name is Christopher Edwards and I was born and raised in Chicago. Which means I have a character fattened by deep dish pizza and beer but then quickly chizled by icy winds. I've been a student of Improv Comedy since I was a child. Performing in many teams and studying in many different schools around the midwest. While in Chicago I performed in sketch and Improv shows produced by pH Produ...

  • Dean Edwards

    Dean Edwards View Profile

    For more than 20 years, Bronx native Dean Edwards has honed his comedic talent on stages from New York to Dubai. A talented Actor/Comedian, Dean Edwards showcased his talent on two successful seasons as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” with such memorable impressions as Tracy Morgan, Jay-Z, Don Cheadle, Michael Jackson and Denzel Washington. Following his run on SNL, Dean made c...

  • Eric Edwards

    Eric Edwards View Profile

    Eric Edwards has gained recognition on the big screen and on television, in live theater, and on the stand-up comedy circuit, working non-stop in all four mediums. In fact, in one year, Eric co-starred in two feature films, one television movie, and an original one-man show, all while simultaneously continuing as an active member and teacher of the prominent Los Angeles-based repertory group, Pla...

  • Evan Edwards

    Evan Edwards View Profile

    Evan Edwards has been performing stand up comedy for over 20 years. As a stand up comic she has featured and headlined with a variety of talented people. She spent several years on the road working with some of the biggest names in comedy. She wrote, produced, directed and starred in the hit one-woman show “The Fat Vagina Show with Evan Edwards” which sold out its limited engagement ...

  • Greg Edwards

    Greg Edwards View Profile

    Greg Edwards is a very smiley comedian from the great state of Virginia. actor- turned comic. Greg moved to the bay area in 2001 and slowly became a fixture on the comedy scene with his one liners, awkward views and social commentary. Greg was a new face at the 2005 Jamie Foxx''s Laffapollozza and greg also received the prestigious Dan Crawford Award from the San Francisco Punchine in 2009 . ...

  • Ian Edwards

    Ian Edwards View Profile

    Ian Edwards was born in England and raised in Jamaica. His family moved to NY when he was 17. The United States is a great place to live, but not when you have a third world accent and are friendless. While he was literally slanging burgers at Burger King in East Meadow, Long Island, he turned to see his co-workers laughing. Another employee Greg Ellis had them on the floor in stitches. Everyon...

  • Tim Edwards

    Tim Edwards View Profile

    “Tim Edwards can be both irreverent and socially conscious onstage — and there are plenty of times when he manages to be both in the span of a single joke. He can challenge audiences by dredging up some of the uncomfortable realities of our modern culture, but his charisma and sharp writing ensure that his message — and the punchline — still resonate."

  • Aaron Edwards Hall

    Aaron Edwards Hall View Profile

    Aaron Edwards Hall is a stand up comedian, from a small town in Illinois (Lebanon) just outside of East St. Louis, who has been doing comedy for the past 7 years.  He is respected in the industry by names such as Earthquake, Chris Spencer, and David Arnold. Embarking on comedy started with guidance from above.  “I’ll never forget my first real set. I remember waking up at 1 ...

  • Jesse Egan

    Jesse Egan View Profile

    Jesse Egan started doing stand-up comedy after a summer road trip took him from his hometown of Arlington, Virginia to the west coast. He was named part of the Best of San Diego at The Comedy Store in La Jolla California and in 2014 Jesse won first place in the San Diego's Funniest Person Contest. Jesse has opened for Dane Cook, Doug Stanhope, Chris D'Elia, Brian Posehn and many more and has...

  • Shuli Egar

    Shuli Egar View Profile

    SHULI EGAR truly knows that if you’re going to make it in comedy, you’ve got to hustle. His start in stand up began with him bombing every night in nearly empty casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. But in 2002 Shuli’s luck would change. That’s when he met the one an...

  • Ingrid Eggertsen

    Ingrid Eggertsen View Profile

  • Tara Egnatios

    Tara Egnatios View Profile

    I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and it's the worst place of all time! so I moved to Los Angeles to attend law school which turned out to be the worst experience of all time! so I began doing stand up for the sole purpose of impressing a girl which is actually the worst plan of attack of all time! I've taken acting, comedy, and screenwriting classes at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Te...

  • Danger Ehren

    Danger Ehren View Profile

  • Billy Eichner

    Billy Eichner View Profile

  • Brett Eidman

    Brett Eidman View Profile

    Brett Eidman is an award winning comedian/writer/actor who is best known for his song parody of “Shaft, Barack Theme” which was played on thousands of radio stations and CNN. Comedy bits from his CD, “What’s So F#@k’n Funny?” released on the Uproar Entertainment label, are played regularly on Sirius XM. A graduate of The Second City, C...

  • Alonya Eisenberg

    Alonya Eisenberg View Profile

     Alonya Eisenberg is a an actress, improvisor, and filmmaker from the beautiful Mendocino coast in northern California. She began acting at a young age at the Mendocino Theater Company and discovered improv comedy in high school. In 2007, with a scholarship to UCLA, Alonya moved to Los Angeles. She earned a degree in history and minor in film while studying at UCLA and simultan...

  • Ophira Eisenberg

    Ophira Eisenberg View Profile

    Ophira Eisenberg is a Canadian comedian, writer, and actress. She is from Calgary, Canada. She has made guest appearances on comedy programs including Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Fresh Faces of Comedy, as well as VH-1's Best Week Ever and All Access, the E! Channel, the Oxygen Network, and the Discovery Channel. She had her own half-hour comedy special for CTV Television Network’s Comedy No...

  • Paul Eisman

    Paul Eisman View Profile

  • Naomi Ekperigin

    Naomi Ekperigin View Profile

    Naomi has been making audiences laugh for over 10 years--from coast to coast and on both hemispheres. She can be found performing at such New York City venues as The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Gotham Comedy Club, or Karma Lounge, where she produces the monthly show Coyote Average. You may have seen her on VH1's "The Short List," on the 5 Funny Females tour, or maybe on tour with t...

  • Tyree Elaine

    Tyree Elaine View Profile

  •  Elemenopy

    Elemenopy View Profile

  • Melinda Elena

    Melinda Elena View Profile

    Melinda Elena is a powerful, sultry and versatile, R&B, Jazz & Blues singer and songwriter. Born and bred in South Florida, she has been active in the local music scene since her young teens, as the lead vocalist of multiple bands of several different genres. Melinda Elena, now spearheading her own named band is performing throughout the state and seeking to tour nationally in the n...

  • Jenna Elfman

    Jenna Elfman View Profile

    Jenna Elfman was born in Los Angeles, California, and began her career appearing in commercials. She studied with Milton Katselas, the renowned acting teacher. She then began appearing in TV shows before landing the role of Dharma in the hit ABC television show "Dharma & Greg" (1997). Her first starring role in a film was in Krippendorf's Tribe (1998), alongside Richard Dreyfuss. Sh...

  • Noel Elgrably

    Noel Elgrably View Profile

    Noel Elgrably grew up in the nation's capital but left his day-job selling insurance to pursue his calling as a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles. The son of a French-Moroccan father and Moroccan-Israeli mother, he offers an original comedic perspective on growing up as a child of immigrants below the Mason-Dixon line. Noel's irreverent and ornery style of comedy reminds us that even though we thi...

  • Eman El-Husseini

    Eman El-Husseini View Profile

    Since her comedy debut Eman El-Husseini has racked up an impressive list of credits. Traveling across Canada, the U.S and the Middle East she covers a wide range of topics, from how lesbians are the new gentlemen to her parents’ wedding anniversary landing on, you guessed it, September 11th. A media darling of sorts, Eman has been featured in major Canadian newspapers such as The...

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