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  • Billy B

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    All the way from the back of a small trailer park in Jacksonville, Fl, Billy learned he had to be quick witted to contend with family members around the holidays. Christmas, being told he was adopted and they don’t buy presents for strangers, and Thanksgiving being Popeye’s chicken instead of turkey, Billy will leave you busting at the seams as you relate to everyday situations you often hear abou...

  • Johnny B

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    A professional poker dealer, a radio personality, a youth football coach, and a successful stand-up comedian all walk into a bar....and the crowd says "Hey, Johnny B".    For nearly 15 years, Johnny Bell has been entertaining comedy crowds around the country with a style that can be considered aggressive, logical, offensive, and level-headed all at the same time. It&...

  • Warren B Hall

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    98% Clean After watching Eddie Murphy perform for the first time, Warren B. Hall knew at the age of 10 that he wanted to become a standup comedian. Then, after his mother gave him a good beating for using the 'F-word' while practicing, Hall decided it would be wise to take a cleaner approach to comedy than his often foul-mouthed idol. Hall has worked with the USO tour of the Middle East...

  • Plan B Improve Group

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    Plan B Comedy began one warm spring afternoon when Brendan Hoyle and Jason Kypros said to each other, "Hey let's do something to make everyone laugh!!".  From that day forward they have down just that.  Today Plan B Comedy is the resident comedy group at the Zeiders American Dream Theater in Virginia Beach, VA.  Their comedy offerings cover all the bases with improv, s...

  • Mike B.

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  • Mikey B.

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  • Romarick B1

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    Romarick (B1) Anderson From California and a Co-Host  for The #1 Jeff Garcia Podcast; Downloadable on Itunes. Stand-Up-Comedy has been on a constant incline of progression. Such Hard work and Dedication have afforded him breaks to open up for Big Name Headliners Such as Mark Curry, Ralphie May, Pablo Francisco, Eddie Griffin, Nick Cannon, Mitch Fatel, Gary Owen, Jeff Garcia, Willie ...

  • Armen Babasoloukian

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  • Tim Babb

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  • Alex Babbitt

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    Brooklyn native, Alex Babbitt other wise known as Mr Babbitt, is a rising star in the New York City comedy scene. Mr Babbitt started at the ripe age of 16 and now in his early 20’s he is quickly making a name for himself as one of the funniest and most charismatic comedians breaking into the spotlight. As seen on HBO's All Def Comedy, Mr Babbitt continues to b...

  • Ron Babcock

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     Originally from Northeast Pennsylvania, I am now a writer and performer in LA. Standup is my favorite. I’ve been to a few festivals, won a few competitions and been on TV a few times. (Last Comic Standing, The Rotten Tomatoes Show, Fuel TV) I’ve also traveled the world twice by ship and am embarrassingly good at devilsticks, thanks to a belief in high school that juggling ...

  • Fat Baby Live

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  • Brian Babylon

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    Brian Babylon is a Chicago-born comic and radio host. The self-proclaimed Prince of Bronzeville is a fixture in Chicago's rich comedy community. He has been making a name for himself outside of Chicago as well, placing in the finals of the New York Comedy Contest in 2009. He has performed in LA at the historic Comedy Store and Laugh Factory, and in the UK at Jongleurs comedy club in London and mor...

  • Matt Baca

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  • Alex Backes

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    Alex has been working professionally as an actor, sketch/ improv comic, and writer for the last 6 years. You might recognize Alex from ad campaigns for companies such as Apple Computers, Quizno's, Nike, Arby's and others. Alex has been featured in a variety of online viral videos for The Second City Network as well as self produced comedic shorts. His various commercials and other videos have had...

  • Scott Backman

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     Born in Hackensack , NJ to my Irish Catholic mother from Jersey City, NJ and Jewish father from Queens, NY. My childhood was spent with my two brothers; Jeremy my twin and Jonathan my younger. We spent our summers on the Jersey Shore in Lavallette, NJ with our grandparents living the Jersey life! As a child, I appeared on “Romper Room” with Miss Molly and knew I wanted to be a c...

  • Brett Badostain

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  • Patrick Baer

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     Pat Baer was born and raised in Northford, CT. He moved to NYC in 2001 and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Pat started out as an intern at UCB and became the Head of the Tech department in 2004. He started his improv training in September 2002, and has studied under various teachers including Sean Conroy, Kevin Mullaney, Charlie Todd, Billy Merritt, and Ian Roberts. Pat recei...

  • Matt Baetz

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    Matt Baetz is a comedian and a writer from Monkton, MD. After working in the field of media production for a few years after getting his learn on at Florida State University, Matt decided to follow the words of Whitman and take the road less traveled. On February 4th, 2004 Matt tried standup at the completely forgettable Why Not Lounge? inside a Holiday Inn in Altamonte Springs, FL. Since th...

  • Julie Baez

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  • Ian Bagg

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    Ian Bagg started his comedy career in his native country, Canada. He proceeded to do all the show business things that every successful Canadian entertainer does. He went to a “Hockey Night in Canada” game on a Saturday night, performed at the “Montreal Comedy Festival,” kissed a fish in Newfoundland and shot a “Comedy Now” special on CTV.  So what does a C...

  • Tim Bagley

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    Tim Bagley is recognized as one of the most sought-after character actors in the entertainment industry. Tim currently stars opposite Lisa Kudrow, as "Richard Pratt" on Showtime's "Web Therapy." Many know him from his roles as "Harold Krenshaw" on "Monk," and "Larry" on "Will and Grace." Other television highlights include "The Wedding Band," "Grimm," "$#*! My Dad Says," "Shameless," "Hot In Clev...

  • Wambui Bahati

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    Wambui Won 2nd Runner Up as "NYC's Most Awesome Comedian 2011" Wambui was born in Greensboro, North Carolina during segregation and Jim Crow Laws. She learned at an early age the necessity of a sense of humor and the healing power of laughter and comedy. Named John Washington at birth, (her mother predicted she would be a boy and therefore named her after her father. Even though she wa...

  • Brian Bahe

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    Brian Bahe is a Native American stand-up comedian and writer originally from Phoenix, Arizona, now living in New York. He has performed in the Beast Village Comedy Festival in Des Moines, Iowa, as well as independent comedy theaters and bar basements around New York City. His stand-up includes stories about his cultural upbringing and fish-out-of-water observations from his time living in New York...

  • Iris Bahr

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    Iris Bahr is an award-winning writer, actor, director, producer and host of the hit X-RAE podcast. She has written two humorous memoirs: Dork Whore, about her travels through Asia, and Machu My Picchu, about her adventures through South America and college experience. She also just co -wrote Book of Leon with comic JB Smoove.   Having appeared on n...

  • Ben Bailey

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    Before he got behind the wheel of The Cash Cab -Ben Bailey began his career as a Stand Up comedian... as a young man Bailey left his home in a small town in New Jersey and headed to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of a career in show business... just a few weeks later he found himself onstage at The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip and knew right away that he had found his calling... he soon af...

  • Kaytlin Bailey

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  • Nat Baimel

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    Nat Baimel is a comedian, upbeat problem solver, and awkward philosopher with a knack for always looking on the bright side. His smart, well-crafted, and socially conscious material is somehow dark and adorable all at once. He has been featured by, the Chive, Cheezburger,, "Laughs" on...

  • Mike Bain

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    Mike Bain is a comedian from South Boston, who loves to point out the ridiculousness of everyday life and society around us. He loves to joke about his own experiences and the philosophy of life.

  • Richard Bain

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  • Sandy Bainum

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    Sandy Bainum began her career in David Merrick’s legendary production of 42nd Street, playing the featured role of Annie, both on tour and on Broadway. During a stop at Washington’s National Theatre, she caught the eye of then Maryland State Senator Stewart Bainum, whom she married soon after. Sandy’s career flourished in her new home of Washington, D.C., where she has appeared in productio...

  • Doug Baird

    Doug Baird View Profile

    Born February 6, 1985 in Upstate New York, Douglas Baird was destined for a career in comedy. After 21 years, he relocated 1,800 miles to his current abode in Fort Collins, Colorado. Doug, as he likes to be known, worked consistently on his comedy routines before his turn in the spotlight came in June 2009. The stage fit him like a glove and he has been touring Colorado's comedy scene ever since, ...

  • Layla Baird

    Layla Baird View Profile

  •  Bait

    Bait View Profile

  • Dee Baker

    Dee Baker View Profile

    Dee Bradley Baker is one of the most versatile and sought after A-list voice actors working today. His voice is seemingly everywhere, featured in literally hundreds of television shows, movies and top video games. Over the past two decades, Dee has earned an extraordinary reputation among show creators and fans alike with his chameleon-like acting skills and his wide range of realistic creature so...

  • Donnie Baker

    Donnie Baker View Profile

    You hear Donnie every morning on the nationally syndicated radio program "The Bob & Tom Show".  Now, you can see him live!  He'll tell you stories about all the characters in his life that you have come to love, like his boss Randy, his best friend Scotty Winkler, his ex-girlfriend Angel Skinner, and of course his mom Phyllis. There's no live show more entertaini...

  • Isaacs & Baker

    Isaacs & Baker View Profile

    It’s a totally interactive show based in Long Island, NY but can travel anywhere. Al Isaacs and Scott Baker are not just comics they are two of the quickest thinking entertainers around today. By getting the audience involved with all aspects of the show they make a 300 person night club filled with strangers feel like you are in your own living room with friends! Everything from audience me...

  • Keenan Baker

    Keenan Baker View Profile

    Keenan Baker grew up one of three children to a very strict Military father . Born in San Diego Ca. Living all around the country but landed back in Los Angeles at a young age. Raised by a single father, Keenan struggle growing up. Losing fights and not being let back into the house until he won the fights because that was his fathers rule. Keenan got his start in comedy back in 2008. In 2011 Keen...

  • Rich Baker

    Rich Baker View Profile

    Rich Baker hails from Fort Worth, Tx where he first fell in love with improv watching Four Day Weekend - the longest running live show in Texas. He co-founded TCU's improv troupe Senseless Acts of Comedy before moving to Chicago where he performed improv & sketch with ComedySportz, Mission Improvable, the iO Theatre, the Second City, WNEP Theatre, Laugh Out Loud, & The Comedy Shrine. He mo...

  • Rosebud Baker

    Rosebud Baker View Profile

    Rosebud Baker is a New York-based comedian, actress, and writer. In 2018, she was selected as New Face of Comedy at Montreal's prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2018. The Village Voice named Rosebud as The Very Best of Just For Laughs New Faces Showcase, stating ''Baker’s no-nonsense, wickedly dirty routine cut through the evening like barbed wire." Baker’...

  • Tiffany Baker

    Tiffany Baker View Profile

    Tiffany Baker is a combination of contradictions that add up to a cohesive whole. A motivator offstage, she has a good enough attitude to be a dauntless, fearless stand-up. Simultaneously, she has a "bad" enough attitude to have an onstage edge and sardonic irreverence in her act. She is an aesthetically striking young woman, with her lustrous brunette mane, tone physique, and photogenic...

  • Tony Baker

    Tony Baker View Profile

    Tony Baker is a stand up comedian and actor on the rise whether it's on stage, film, television or social media. Tony was featured on the last 2 seasons of NBC's "Last Comic Standing", "Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution" on Comedy Central, "Comics Unleashed" on CBS, "StaannDUP!" on Starz and "We Got Next" on Aspire. He was al...

  • Troy Baker

    Troy Baker View Profile

    Texas native Troy Baker has recently risen to be one of the most prolific actors in video games. In 2013 alone, his performances as Joel in The Last of Us, Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite and even The Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins quickly caught the eye of both fans and media alike, landing several nominations and awards. He was even featured in Entertainment Weekly's "Best of 2013&q...

  • Gordon Baker Bone

    Gordon Baker Bone View Profile

    Gordon Baker-Bone is not a stage name, it's his real name, but it's also a name you won't soon want to forget. This NJ native has been performing around the New York/New Jersey tri-state area for the past couple of years and is poised to become a top comedian of his generation. While Baker-Bone performs regularly for college crowds, his comedy can be described as a clever and witty tha...

  • Ron Baker Jr.

    Ron Baker Jr. View Profile

    Ron Baker Jr. is the ? year old sensation who brings to comedy a breath of fresh air.  His comedy style is reality magnified 100% to bring your attention to everyday subjects and situations that everyone experiences but rarely think about.  What makes Ron Baker Jr.’s comedy so unique?  Pure, unadulterated, natural talent!  No Censor necessary.  He shares the exper...

  • Dan Bakkedahl

    Dan Bakkedahl View Profile

    is an American improvisor, actor and teacher from Chicago. Born in Rochester, Minnesota and raised in Stuart, Florida, he attended St. Cloud State University in Minnesota before completing his studies at Florida State University where he was a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity. After college, Bakkedahl toured for a year with the Repertory Theater of America. After moving to Chicago, he made a name...

  • Daniel Bakkedahl

    Daniel Bakkedahl View Profile

  • Matt Balaker

    Matt Balaker View Profile

  • Michele Balan

    Michele Balan View Profile

    Finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 4 (2006) The Joy Behar Show (2010) Opened for the Smothers Brothers during their 50th anniversary tour (2009) Appeared in the movie Stand-UP 360, played in theaters across the country. (2009) Outlaugh Festival on LOGO (2007) She appeared on Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed (2007) Voted one of the top 10 comi...

  • Jeffrey Baldinger

    Jeffrey Baldinger View Profile

    Born & raised on the mean streets of St. Paul, Minnesota, Jeffrey Baldinger discovered his love for comedy at a young age, admiring the likes of Rodney Dangerfield and Andy Kaufman.  Since beginning his stand up career, Jeffrey has used his quick wit and goofy attitude about life to become a favorite amongst crowds and fellow comedians alike.  He is a nationally & internationall...

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