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  • Dan Ahdoot

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    Dan Ahdoot went to college at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and graduated with honors as a premed student. Shortly thereafter, he decided to take the secure route and ditch medicine for comedy - his parents are still thrilled. Dan has been featured on The Jay Leno Show and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and was a guest at the Comedy Central South Beach Comedy Festival. Dan...

  • Jeff Ahern

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    Jeff Ahern has been performing stand up for 20 plus years. He has television and commercial credits. He has written for The Tonight Show and Us weekly’s Fashion Police which he was a part of for seven years. Currently Jeff works as a warm up in Los Angeles for some of the hottest shows on television. Jeff’s career has taken off now that he performs as The Most Evil Man In The Word, Syl...

  • Lloyd Ahlquist

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    Lloyd is an actor and an improviser who has been performing professioanlly for the past 12 years. After leaving UMASS Amherst, he moved to Chicago where he studied improv at Improv Olympic and Second City. He is a founding member of Mission IMPROVable and toured the country with M.i. for years performing at every major improv theater and festival in the U.S. Lloyd is now the Artisitc Director o...

  • Ehsan Ahmad

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  • Ahmed Ahmed

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    Egyptian-American actor, comedian, producer, and director Ahmed Ahmed is one of the most diverse, multi-faceted talents in the entertainment industry today. In 2014, he can be seen starring as “Ahmed” on TBS’ hit comedy series Sullivan & Son. Executive Produced by Vince Vaughn, the show follows Steve Sullivan [Steve Byrne], a corporate lawyer who surprises his parents...

  • Kat Ahn

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    A native of Philly, PA, Kat spent years performing in church skits and memorizing rap songs before making her way to NYU. Soon after, she booked her first role on 'Law and Order: SVU' and several off-Broadway plays.  After many auditions for Asian nail salon-specific roles, a part on Law and Order: SVU, and taking a bunch of screenwriting classes, she made her way to Los Angeles. I...

  • Greg Aidala

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    Greg Aidala is a national comedian/actor based in New York. He began his stand up career in 2001, and since, has performed from New York City to Los Angeles with such comedians as Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Attell, Colin Quinn, Nick DiPaolo, Kathleen Madigan, Charlie Murphy, Bo Burnham, Jackie 'The Joke Man' Martling and Pete Holmes. In 2005 he formed his own entertainment company,&...

  • Nicole Aimee

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  • Adrienne Airhart

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    Adrienne was most recently described as "Hilarious and disturbing" by Patton Oswalt after she opened for him. Her transition from life to stage is seamless; no topic is taboo and no human is safe from deconstruction as she bashes down the fourth wall to welcome you along on the journey through the psyche of a strange girl on a mission to turn pain into humor from every microphone on the ...

  • Queen Aishah

    Queen Aishah View Profile

    Queen Aishah – Comedienne, actress, radio personality and humanitarian. From the “Brick City” known as Newark, New Jersey, this young and vivacious personality began what would later become a steady and fast-paced rising comedic career. Queen Aishah’s journey and life training as a comedienne, which lead to her heartfelt motto of “touching and healing souls through th...

  • Aliye AJ

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  • Franklyn Ajaye

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    Franklyn Ajaye (born May 13, 1949) is an American stand-up comedian and actor. His nickname is "The Jazz Comedian" for his distinctive jazz inflected style of delivery, great timing, and astute use of silence. His name is sometimes wrongly spelled Franklin Ajaye. He was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Los Angeles by a Sierra ...

  • Anna Akana

    Anna Akana View Profile

    Anna Akana is one of YouTube's premiere content creators, boasting over 1.3 Million subscribers and one of the most successful vlog-style shows on the web. Anna also wrote and starred in the series, RILEY REWIND, with garnered over 25 million views across platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Netflix.   Anna continues to show her versatility as an actress, writer, director and comed...

  • Troy Alan

    Troy Alan View Profile

    Troy is a NYC-based comedian, actor and writer. He performs stand up at clubs all around the Northeast, and he hosted a night at the 2011 Jersey Shore ComedyFest.  Prior to beginning his stand-up career, Troy performed improvisational comedy in Denver, CO and Washington, DC. Troy is glad to have amassed $100,000 in student loan debt prior to embarking on a comedy career.  Troy is some...

  • Steven Alan Green

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    STEVEN ALAN GREEN, founder and President of The Laughter Foundation, was once told by Jerry Lewis, “I eat people like you for breakfast!,” launching Steven’s highly acclaimed, funny, autobiographical one-man show of the same name (Top 5 Pick, The Guardian; was listed as one of the best shows in the United Kingdom.) As a filmmaker, Steven wrote and directed the quirky comedy ...

  • David Alan Grier

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    Countless theater, television, film and comedic endeavors have pushed David Alan Grier's career to remarkable heights. His ability to excel across all mediums and contexts is a testament to his inherent sense of comic timing and creative drive. The three-time Tony and GRAMMY Award nominee was trained in Shakespeare at Yale, where he received an MFA from the Yale School of Drama. Grier has r...

  • Mat Alano-Martin

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    Mat Alano-Martin comes to comedy from the world of rock and roll, where he spent 10 years touring North America as an Americana singer-songwriter, opening for a who’s who of indie rockers and roots revivalists and occasionally headlining his own smaller, less well attended shows. With a comedic style that bridges the alternative sensibilities of his indie-rock background with the more mainst...

  • Carlos Alazraqui

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    Carlos Alazraqui is the "World's 1,247TH Most Interesting Man" Currently Carlos is the breakout voice of El Chupacabra in the Disney Toons Film, "Planes." El Chu will also be appearing in the Planes sequel coming out July 2014. Starting out as a stand up Comic and winning the San Francisco Comedy Competition in 1993 and then moving to Los Angeles to start his voice o...

  • Michael Albanese

    Michael Albanese View Profile

    Born in Philadelphia and raised in the south means nothing in the long run. Mike Albanese finds his humor from his everyday life experiences mixed with his internal struggle with paranoia and longing for that perfect girl who he will inevitably blow it with. Using comedy to cope and gambling to find more reasons to hate himself, Mike's comedy might make you realize that maybe you aren't...

  • Mike Albanese

    Mike Albanese View Profile

    Born in Philadelphia and raised in the south means nothing in the long run. Mike Albanese finds his humor from his everyday life experiences mixed with his internal struggle with health, crippling paranoia and his longing for that perfect girl who he will inevitably blow it with.  Mike's humor might make you realize that maybe you aren't so strange after all.    ...

  • Rory Albanese

    Rory Albanese View Profile

    Rory Albanese is a national headlining stand-up comedian and a 9-time Emmy winning writer and Executive Producer.  After graduating college Rory set out to fulfill his life-long dream to be a stand-up but he also heard the echoes of his Italian Father’s work ethic telling him to get a day job.  So in the summer of 1999, he talked his way in to a job as a production assistant at The...

  • Keith Alberstadt

    Keith Alberstadt View Profile

    For over a decade, Keith has been entertaining comedy fans all over the world -- club audiences in the U.S., expats in Asia, as well as U.S. troops in the Middle East. Simply put, his style of comedy is one that pulls everyone in. Whether it's because of his sarcastic approach, his playful attitude, or his southern charm, Keith's comedy easily makes a lasting impressio...

  • Amy Albert

    Amy Albert View Profile

    Amy is thrilled to join the cast of "Now That You've Seen Me Naked!" Some of her favorite roles include, Woman One, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, and Grace in Annie. She's also an original member of the National Comedy Theater of New York, and is a regular at The Comic Strip. She would like to thank her amazing family and wonderful friends for always bei...

  • Kiki Aldonas

    Kiki Aldonas View Profile

  • Brian Aldridge

    Brian Aldridge View Profile

    Brian Aldridge is a fraternity boy all grown up. A “reformed frat boy” if you will. Already with three television appearances, Comedy Central Up Next, Fox’s “Laughs” & “Trial by Laughter”, under his belt and no doubt more to come, Brian is a rising comedy star. Brian can also be heard on “The Bob & Tom Show”. His sarcastic delivery and ...

  • Jimmy Aleck

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  • Vic Alejandro

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    Vic Alejandro is a Comedian/Actor based in Denver, Colorado. Vic has appeared on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and is published in the book "The Complete Idiots Guide to Jokes". As a regular at the Comedy Works in Denver, Vic has the privilege of working with esteemed national headliners such as; Kevin Nealon, Kathleen Madigan, Brian Regan, Jake Johannsen, Bobcat Goldthwait...

  • Steve Alevea

    Steve Alevea View Profile

  • Flex Alexander

    Flex Alexander View Profile

    In the late 1980s, Alexander branched out into acting as well as dancing and choreographing. He began performing stand-up comedy and sought out film roles, appearing in the 1992 film Juice. Alexander also began appearing on television programs in the 1990s. He was a regular cast member on the sketch comedy show Uptown Comedy Club and Girlfriends, and appeared on the sho...

  • Jay Alexander

    Jay Alexander View Profile

  • John Alexander

    John Alexander View Profile

    John Alexander first became interested in the concept and power of Hypnosis while working a High School Lock in event where he and his partner provided karaoke entertainment for high school seniors during the annual senior lock in.The main act was a stage hypnotist and it blew him away. Prior to the event he was a huge skeptic, but that show changed everything. That began what turned out to be a l...

  • Mariya Alexander

    Mariya Alexander View Profile

    MARIYA ALEXANDER is a prolific stand-up from the east coast who is now based in Los Angeles.  She has opened for Louis CK, Marc Maron , Eddie Pepitone, Bonnie McFarlane, and Rich Vos.  Mariya was voted one of the top 5 comics to watch in 2015 by the OC Weekly, and hosts THE MARIYA ALEXANDER SHOW, which is on the RELM NETWORK and has a big following on iTunes.  When Mariya was youn...

  • Max Alexander

    Max Alexander View Profile

    "Hollywood Squares", "The Tonight Show", "Evening At The Improv" and CBC's "Just For Laughs Gala" are just a few of Max's television credits. Movies include "Man On The Moon" and "Roxanne" and he has opened for Tom Jones, Julio Iglesias and Ann Margaret.

  • Mo Alexander

    Mo Alexander View Profile

    Mo Alexander has played the comedy game for almost two decades and has headlined all over the country in top clubs and theaters. He has also opened for Keenan Ivory Wayans during his 1999 comedy tour where he was in the running with Wanda Sykes for the opening slot and Keenan chose Mo. He also had his own theater show, The Mo Funny show in Las Vegas with his partner in crime and comedy Matt Davis...

  • Nick Alexander

    Nick Alexander View Profile

    Nick Alexander is one of the Brightest up and coming comedians working. Using his charm, stage presence & somewhat brash humor his act has caught on instantly and that has propelled him in the New York comedy scene as well as the rest of the country. Working wherever there's a stage, he has no fear and approaches every situation the same. Just recently he made guest appearances on Jamie Fo...

  • Taylor Alexander

    Taylor Alexander View Profile

  • Tim Alexander

    Tim Alexander View Profile

  • Sofiya Alexandra

    Sofiya Alexandra View Profile

    Sofiya Alexandra was born in Odessa, Ukraine and moved to Los Angeles at the awkward age of 11, which would have been great if she had ever dreamt of not having any friends through her teenage years. She had not. As she blossomed (boob-wise) into a mouthy young woman, she realized she was in love with comedy. Currently she's a writer, comedian, actress and Die Hard lover performing all over Los A...

  • Ted Alexandro

    Ted Alexandro View Profile

    Ted Alexandro has been a comedian for twenty years. Time Out NY called Ted “One of the funniest comedians working today.” Ted has performed on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, The View and two half-hour specials on Comedy Central. Ted opened for Louis C.K. at Carnegie Hall. Ted has performed internationally in Jordan, Egyp...

  • Shelly Alexis

    Shelly Alexis View Profile

  • Aisha Alfa

    Aisha Alfa View Profile

    Born in Nigeria, raised in Canada and now making her home in Los Angeles, Aisha Alfa has come a long way. A former pro soccer player, she broke into the entertainment scene and hasn’t looked back. Aisha was a Stand Up NBC finalist, won Winnipeg's Funniest Person with a Day Job and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Breakout Artist. Sher has performed multiple times at the Jus...

  • David Alfano

    David Alfano View Profile

    A New England native, David received his B.A. from Emerson College where he hosted the 25 Annual Evvy Awards and has been performing in LA ever since. His recent TV and film credits include Netflix’s Girlboss, The Last Ship, Sam & Cat, Wingmen; a pilot presentation he co-wrote, Saturday Night Zero (for Coke Zero), and the Honey & Joy comedy series. David has also appeared in commerci...

  • Victor Alfieri

    Victor Alfieri View Profile

  • Asif Ali

    Asif Ali View Profile

    Asif Ali is a handpicked favorite from some of the top comedy bookers & casting directors working today. From his standup in the U.S. and internationally, to many outstanding theatrical roles, he is one of the fastest rising entertainers in the business. Growing up as a young East Indian in Arizona, Asif can tell you first hand how life was trying to explain his background to his friends wh...

  • May May Ali

    May May Ali View Profile

  • kljsdflkjs alksjd

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  • We're All Friends Here

    We're All Friends Here View Profile

  •  All Skate

    All Skate View Profile

     ALL SKATE is a completely improvised Broadway style musical improv team. In other words, all of the scenes, singing, dancing, and even the piano playing is made up on the spot. The cast of ALL SKATE has absolutely no idea how the show will unfold before the suggestion is given, and each scene, song, and dance number inform the next one until the end of the show is reached. Audience members b...

  • ATC All Stars Hosted By KUPDs John Holmberg

    ATC All Stars Hosted By KUPDs John Holmberg View Profile

  • Jay Allan

    Jay Allan View Profile

    Colorado-born and Phoenix, AZ based singer/songwriter Jay Allan is continuously getting back to his roots. Whether they be musical, of family & friends or that of his own adventurous heart & soul, Jay’s roots are what have brought him to where he is today. As he sees it and expresses through his music and art, it is a very joyous, inspirational, yet perpetually growing and kinetic pl...

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