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  • Hogan Allcorn

    Hogan Allcorn View Profile

    Hogan Allcorn has been a fan of stand-up comedy for as long as he can remember. After spending years writing, he finally gave it a try in 2014 as has been hooked since. Now a regular at Hyena's Comedy Club and Dallas Comedy House, Allcorn has also performed in bars and theaters all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Allcorn is the reigning "Heart of Texas Comedy Festival" winner. Th...

  • Charles Allen

    Charles Allen View Profile

    Charles has worked as a host on TV and made film appearances. He's best known for playing the character of "CJ" in Alton Glass' 2008 comedy "The Candy Shop" starring Omar Gooding. He is also the comedic relief in the the 2012 horror film RIFT.

  • Dan Allen

    Dan Allen View Profile

  • Isak Allen

    Isak Allen View Profile

    I am a struggling, self-doubting, self-deprecating, self-demoralizing, San-Diego-based stand-up comedian.  I’ve been a regular at the World Famous Comedy Store in La Jolla for a little over a year now, and I’ve been fortunate to perform with some great comics all over San Diego, CA, including Pauly Shore, Andrew Santino, Adam Ray, and many more!   I like trying to be funny. ...

  • Jeff Allen

    Jeff Allen View Profile

    Jeff Allen combines clean, hilarious humor like no other comedian working today. He regularly appears on television, radio, and venues across the country. With over 140 million video views, Jeff Allen is the world’s funniest, most inspiring comedian!   In his new tour, The America I Grew Up In, Jeff’s sidesplitting comedy drives home the humor in everyday family life, the u...

  • Jon Allen

    Jon Allen View Profile

    Jon is really an old man who lives in the sea, but no one will ever catch him OR his magical lucky charms. orrrr...if you preferrr.... An accomplished actor and comedian, Jon brings an energy to the stage matched only by hobos fighting over a piece of meat. Originally from San Diego, his first noted gig would come from the launching of his voice over career via a guest spot on the popul...

  • Krista Allen

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  • Lance Allen

    Lance Allen View Profile

    At the tender age of three, Chicago native Lance Allen’s mother noticed that there was something different about him. After numerous doctor visits and tests he got a clean bill of health, and the doctor’s medical opinion was that he had “a different kind of soul.” Growing up, Lance’s love of comedy blossomed as he watched shows like In Living Color, Saturday Night Liv...

  • Leo Allen

    Leo Allen View Profile

    Leo Allen was a Writer for TV shows such as Saturday Night Live and Ed and the movie Wet Hot American Summer. He is Co-Executive Producer of Comedy Central's Important Things With Demetri Martin.

  • Liz Allen

    Liz Allen View Profile

    LIZ ALLEN has been coaching and performing improv for over twenty years. In addition to performing and teaching at iO Chicago, Liz was their Training Center Director, as well as a founding member of the touring company. She is very proud to have won the Del Close “Coach of the Year” Award at iO in 1999, 2000, and 2001, and to have directed the Second City mainstage show in Las Vegas. She is also t...

  • Tim Allen

    Tim Allen View Profile

    Allen, born in Denver, Colorado, is the son of Martha Katherine, a community-service worker, and Gerald M. Dick, a real estate agent. He is the third oldest of five brothers. His father died in a car accident, colliding with a drunk driver, when Allen was 11. Two years later, his mother married her high school sweetheart, a successful business executive, and moved with her six children to Birmingh...

  • Todd Allen

    Todd Allen View Profile

  • Woody Allen

    Woody Allen View Profile

  •  Allison

    Allison View Profile

    Allison (short film) Los Angeles, CA, USA - April 2011 - 4 min West Coast Premiere Short Film Synopsis: A short mockumentary about a "perfect" relationship. 

  • Kevin Allison

    Kevin Allison View Profile

    Born February 16, 1970, Kevin Allison is a comedic writer and actor. He is perhaps best known as a writing and performing member of The State on MTV. Popular sketches on the show starring Allison include "Taco Mail," "Mr. Magina", "Dreamboy", and "The Jew, the Italian, and the Redhead Gay." Allison came out as gay&n...

  • 80z Allstars

    80z Allstars View Profile

    The 80z All Stars have been rocking for over 15 years and are the premier, most complete 80s tribute act in Southern California. From Devo to Bon Jovi, Rick Springfield to Duran Duran, the band covers them all! Their high-energy performances have been seen from Orlando to Hawaii, Las Vegas to Cabo San Lucas, and everywhere in between. Maybe you caught the band at the 2010 Major League Baseball ...

  • Chicago Allstars

    Chicago Allstars View Profile

    This is Riddles Comedy Club's annual Forth of July Weekend comedy extravaganza, Come see the best of Chicago Comedians differant shows all weekend long,

  • Improv All-Stars Cast

    Improv All-Stars Cast View Profile

    The cast of Improv All-Stars is made up of the finest improvisers in the city.

  • Mary Allwright

    Mary Allwright View Profile

  • Dennis Alm

    Dennis Alm View Profile

    Dennis has been entertaining audiences with his unique brand of Comedy, Magic, and Hypnosis for over 35 years. His Award-Winning Show is a favorite among entertainment buyers and corporate clients throughout the country. Dennis was bitten by the performing bug after ordering his first mail order trick from the back of Life Magazine in 1970. It did not take him long to earn a paycheck of $15.00 ...

  • Dougie Almeida

    Dougie Almeida View Profile

    The Always Dangerous Dougie Almeida Hailing from Queens, New York, Dougie Almeida spent most of his adult life as a corporate presenter for one of the largest financial planning firms in the country. His specialty was taking lifeless insurance presentations and transforming them into works of comic art. In his spare time, he fought as an ISKA Heavyweight Muay Thai Kick boxer, retiring at 10-0 and ...

  • Cristela Alonzo

    Cristela Alonzo View Profile

    Cristela Alonzo made history in 2014 when she became the first Latina to create, produce and star in her own network sitcom, “Cristela” for ABC. During that same year, she split her time between LA and NYC to serve as one of ABC’s favorite guest hosts on their hit daytime talk show, “The View”.  In 2017 Cristela made history again when she became the first Latina...

  • Ed Alonzo

    Ed Alonzo View Profile

    Ed Alonzo, with his wonderful Groucho Marx eyebrows, Harold Lloyd Glasses, topped by his signature explosive hairstyle, is easily recognized as one of the country’s foremost comedy magicians. Don’t be deceived by his retro-style costuming, because for Ed, the tux and the magic is simply a vehicle for his intelligent and sidesplitting comedy. Perched on the precipice of international fa...

  • Jeff Alper

    Jeff Alper View Profile

      Jeff Alper is one of the few -- a real Angeleno. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he has always been a bright shiny star. After Graduating from UC Santa Cruz as a Film Major (to help brighten his star), Jeff moved back to L.A. and began doing Stand Up Comedy. Jeff's comedy is fits him just right- like Los Angeles does its natives.

  • Todd Alsup

    Todd Alsup View Profile

  • Elon Altman

    Elon Altman View Profile

    Described by Jeffrey Gurian as "also very funny," Elon Altman is a stand up comedian born and raised in NYC. In 2015, he was featured on AXS TV's "Gotham Comedy Live," he headlined Caroline's On Broadway, and he was runner up in NBC Universal's "Cozi TV Comedy Search." He can be seen regularly at clubs such as Caroline's On Broadway, Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy ...

  • Hunter M. Altman

    Hunter M. Altman View Profile

  • Jeff Altman

    Jeff Altman View Profile

    Jeff's stand-up and acting have come a long way since those days. He appears regularly on "The Late Show with David Letterman," has guest-starred in dozens of network prime-time shows, such as "Caroline in the City," "Land's End" and "Baywatch," and has produced and starred in two critically-acclaimed Showtime specials – "Jeff Altman's Scrapbook" and "Sweet & Meaty." A few years ago, he record...

  • Josh Alton

    Josh Alton View Profile

    Josh Alton is a rarity in the world of stand-up comedy: He’s an athlete-turned-comedian. After playing his final collegiate football game, Alton hung up his cleats and shoulder pads for a microphone and a note pad and began doing stand up comedy. He moved from Des Moines, Iowa to Chicago where he studied improv at the famous Second City Theater and continued doing stand up. Eventually A...

  • James Altucher

    James Altucher View Profile

    James Altucher regularly performs in clubs all over NYC. And has also performed in London, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and many other cities around the country. He co-owns the NY comedy club, "Standup NY".    When he sold all his belongings and lived from Airbnb to Airbnb for years the NY Times profiled him here:    https://w...

  • Nick Aluotto

    Nick Aluotto View Profile

  • Chris Alvarado

    Chris Alvarado View Profile

    Chris has been studying and teaching improv for over 17 years. Originally form Los Angeles, he spent a few years in Chicago training at the Second City and performing all over that town. Now back in L.A., he has trained and/or performed at UCB, Second City, Westside Comedy Theatre, and iO West where he can be seen weekly performing with "HEYDAY" which had the honor of winning "Be...

  • Lisa Alvarado

    Lisa Alvarado View Profile

    Lisa Alvarado, The Latin Queen of Comedy, is Tina Fey meets Sophia Vergara. Lisa brings the funny with clever wit and a sassy fun attitude; relatable and quirky, in that Ellen Degeneres way, using her own life as the punch line. Lisa specializes in targeting her humor to her audience! Born to Peruvian parents in Chicago, Lisa knew she wanted to be a Stand up comedian at an early age. She ...

  • Jose Alvarez

    Jose Alvarez View Profile

    Born in Mexico, and raised in Los Angeles, a lot of Jose's sense of humor comes from the fact that he is suffering from one hell of an identity crisis. Is he Mexican? Is he American? Is he funny? Maybe only some of these things.  The rest of his humor comes from the fact that he's also a university English professor. Jose teaches rhetoric and composition at California State Un...

  • Camilo Alvear

    Camilo Alvear View Profile

    Camilo was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Southern California early in his life. He picked up comedy at age 26 and since then has become a well known comedy producer in his city of Ventura and in Los Angeles. His unique brand of comedy is a mix of honest storytelling about his own life and also stories about the people he has encountered along the way. Camilo has performed with some of...

  • I Am Rapport: Stereo Podcast Live

    I Am Rapport: Stereo Podcast Live View Profile

    The I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST is a WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON. This show is unafraid to tackle taboo topics head on and our fans have become loyal to our show because it’s like sitting down and having a conversation with two of your best friends (one of whom happens to be a 25 year Film/TV veteran). Michael Rapaport and Gerald Moody have invite you to a live comedy performance of the pod...

  • Jeff Amaral

    Jeff Amaral View Profile

  • Reyna Amaya

    Reyna Amaya View Profile

    Reyna Amaya is a stand-up comedian, actor and over achiever. A native of Oakland, CA this weirdo only child stayed out of trouble as a kid by creating collages, DIY home projects and attending circus camp until the age of 22. Now she’s clowning around professionally on stages like Nokia Theater at LA Live where she opened for Cedric the Entertainer during BET weekend. From Bay Area comedy cl...

  • The Amazing Johnathan

    The Amazing Johnathan View Profile

    The Amazing Johnathan is an eccentric comic magician whose bizarre humor and unscripted antics have earned him widespread recognition as one of the most original and successful performers today. He has performed for two Presidents, appeared on hundreds of TV shows including David Lettermen, HBO, and has had several of his own half hour and hour Comedy Central Specials. He also helped create...

  • The Amazing Kreskin

    The Amazing Kreskin View Profile

    With a showman’s flair, a comedian’s wit, and the capacities of a bona fide Mentalist or thought reader, The Amazing Kreskin has, for six decades, dramatized the unique facets of the human mind…his own. His very name has become an integral part of pop culture throughout the world. During the past fifty years Kreskin has had a television series, his own board game by Milton Br...

  • Ben Ambers

    Ben Ambers View Profile

  • Tangie Ambrose

    Tangie Ambrose View Profile

    Tangie Ambrose is a Los Angeles-based actor and voice artist who often plays little boys in cartoons. You can see her on the big screen in a diverse array of films such as "Starsky and Hutch," "Surviving Christmas," "Jackie Brown" and "Jerry Maguire" and on TV with roles on "Veronica Mars," "My Name is Earl," "CSI," and many oth...

  • Sina Amedson

    Sina Amedson View Profile

    One of the stars and writers of the critically acclaimed Sundance hit, Circumstance, and a finalist in the 2008 Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, Sina was featured in the 2009 Middle Eastern Comedy Festival, as well as landing roles in TNT's Southland and ABC's FlashForward, Sina Amedson has come a long way from his humble beginnings performing in dingy dive bars across the country. Since 2003,...

  • Mo Amer

    Mo Amer View Profile

    Mo Amer is an Arab American stand up comedian and writer of Palestinian descent, known for his iconic work with the comedy troupe “Allah Made Me Funny” – the longest running artistic collective of Muslim comic performers in the world. On October 8, 2018, Amer debuted his first stand up special on Netflix, entitled “The Vagabond.” The special was filmed at the h...

  • Kenji America

    Kenji America View Profile

    Kenji hosts New York City's longest running Live Japanese game show BATSU! at 15 St. Marks Place. He previously hosted the J-cation Game Show with the Japan Society and at NYC Comic Con. Kenji also produces a musical / stand up comedy show at the same venue the 1st Thrusday of the month. In the USA Kenji America, as he is known in Japan, has appeared on The Onion IFC, NBC's ER, ...

  • Zach Ames

    Zach Ames View Profile

    Zach Ames is a stand-up comedian and lead singer of fantasy rock band Ogre Mage. Check out my bio for show dates:

  • Michael Amico

    Michael Amico View Profile

    Michael Amico was raised in the mean streets of Orange County, CA where he grew an understanding of the world. After college in 2005, he moved to Los Angeles. In early August of 2008, Michael began his career in stand- up comedy by performing at The Aura Nightclub in Studio City on 8/8/8. He has been used to gracing the stage after being in numerous high school plays, performing as drummer, and la...

  • Zac Amico

    Zac Amico View Profile

  • Martin Amini

    Martin Amini View Profile

    Martin Amini (Host/Producer) Martin Amini was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. In the past 5 years Martin has performed at comedy clubs and colleges across the country. Martin has opened for touring headliners such as Trevor Noah, Jerrod Carmichael, and Hasan Minaj. Martins stand up material touches on what it's like growing up mixed in America coming from an Iranian...

  • Max Amini

    Max Amini View Profile

    MAX AMINI was born in Tucson Arizona and was raised on the East Coast.  He graduated from UCLA’s school of Theater, Film and Television in 2004.  As an actor, Max has over 50 film and television credits including NBC’s “Heroes,” regular appearances on Comedy Central’s “Mind of Mencia”, and a leading role in the recent feature film “Beyon...

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