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Daugne Keith is one of the fastest growing names in Stand-up Comedy.  A very proud 4th generation native of Los Angeles, she is a comedienne, actress, and published local artist with surrealist/abstract style. Much like her jokes.  Also known as an activist, Daugne is known mostly for being a story teller, with points of views, that are quick witted, and raw.  Although from Los Angeles, she was raised all over the United States.  From Seattle WA, then on to the suburban neighborhoods of Colorado Springs AFB. Moving back to Los Angeles at the ripe age of 15.   Daugne managed to keep her family laughing with her natural sarcasm and hilarious realistic perspective. 
     Daugne’s father was a record industry executive, and her mother a background singer for the Shirelles. Always surrounded by entertainers and musicians most of her life, the humor was continuous and non-stop. One of Daugne’s favorite lines is “Life writes her jokes” and well it sure does.  
     Daugne is labeled as the REAL and RAW comedienne, with a style she calls "hood intellect".  She manages to take her audience on her journey and let’s them view life through her eyes.
      Daugne's also known as the former host of the very popular weekly comedy podcast called, “Street Speak radio show”.  She starred as Jackie Moms Mabley in the NAACP Award Winning play "what you peepin at".  
With a stand out voice and original characters, there is no stopping this comedienne!


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