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Awkward Kids was born in the year 2007 in direct response to Arnold Shwarzenegger's hit film "Kindergarten Cop". Christiann and Dana were living together at the time and realized Michelle was the perfect combination of 'white girl with a zest for 90's R&B', so they decided she had to become a part of the crew.

The three girls were chillin' one day, when they realized sketch comedy was the best way to express that boobs are indeed funny. So the three girls wrote their very first sketch, Manhands: A Revolutionary New Product. Thanks to Kyle's direction and his amazing taste for 80's tank tops, the video was a huge success. Adam "Baby Newch" Newacheck and his wife Haley Pikhart rounded out the crew for that first shoot. As time progressed, Carly Kennelly became a permanent part of the directorial process when she helped out with "Penis Complimenters"; Carly's feminine touch behind the camera (and her gorgeous blond locks) have been indispensable ever since.

The girls soon faced the fact that becoming nerdy Internet comedians wasn't easy, but once the realization hit that they could cast hot guys in their videos, the girls threw caution to the wind and started shooting videos once month. Once friends and family took notice of the sheer stupidity of their sketches, the Kids became encouraged to make more ridiculous videos with friends such as Mike Nelson from Dry Hump Comedy and other fabulous actor friends who had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

After producing 30 videos, three live shows, and writing a pilot as well as a screenplay, the ladies have decided to continue their journey into becoming the silliest women on the Internet. Now please enjoy this photo of them in spandex and white stars on their eyes.


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