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MY name is Marquez, that’s my first name NOT my last name. Most Mexican first born sons are named after their father but my Dads name is Felipe (WTF?) My dad says that my mom picked my name when she was just twelve years old… He said that it was her dream since she was a little girl to have a beautiful baby boy and that’s why when she had me, she decided to have my brother. I have five sisters from a few different mothers. My dad is a Marine and Marines don’t pull out until the job is done. I grew up around mostly women which I’m sure you could’ve guessed by my picture. I’m not gay but I do have to say that often, some guys just can’t take a hint. I’m from Montebello which is just East of East L.A. I usually just say I’m from East L.A. unless I’m talking to someone from East L.A. in which case I say “Excuse me” and I walk away. It’s not that I don’t like the people from East L.A. I just hate how Hollywood stereotypes Mexicans from East L.A. and It’s hard to maintain that position after talking to Mexicans from East L.A. I’m a second Generation Mexican American which Means I’m extremely proud to be Mexican but just don’t ask me anything about Mexico. The fact that I’m extremely proud of the country I’m from and know nothing about it, I feel like that’s the thing that proves I am 100% AMERICAN… and I’m proud of that too.


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