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  • Painfully Awkward

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    Painfully Awkward captures those moments of everyday life that can unexpectedly spiral into compromising situations. From the seed of an audience suggestion, thorny circumstances will sprout up around unsuspecting characters. Take delight in watching others reap what they sow in this wholly-improvised spectacle.

  •  Awkward Kids

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    Awkward Kids was born in the year 2007 in direct response to Arnold Shwarzenegger's hit film "Kindergarten Cop". Christiann and Dana were living together at the time and realized Michelle was the perfect combination of 'white girl with a zest for 90's R&B', so they decided she had to become a part of the crew. The three girls were chillin' one day,&nbs...

  • Emily Axford

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     Emily Axford is a writer and actress living in New York City. Emily started performing improv with Recess, the improv and sketch comedy group at The George Washington University. She has studied under Michael Delaney, Will Hines, Porter Mason, Eric Scott, and Ari Voukydis. She is a contributing editor for and a featured contributor for McSweeney's Internet Tendency. She can be ...

  •  Axis of Awesome

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    The Axis of Awesome are The World’s Most Awesomest Comedy Band. In the incredible time that they have been together, they have done literally so much stuff. They have blown audiences away across Australia and around the world with their mixture of original comedy songs and pop parodies. Their Four Chord Song is one of the highest rated comedy video of all time on YouTube, and has receiv...

  • Jasiel Ayala

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  • Jasiel Ayala

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  • Charlie Ayers

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  • Kyle Ayers

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  • Tia Ayers

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     Tia Ayers is a comic who performs all over the country. Her material was featured in Timeout Chicago’s “Joke of the Week” column and she was described as a “favorite” by The Los Angeles Record. Tia is also an accomplished writer for TV, print and online publications. Her credits include E! Entertainment, The Style Network, The CW, Hello Giggles, RE:COMEDY Magazi...

  • Steve Ayotte

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  • Superhero az

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  • Azeem Azeem

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