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  • Pam Ann

    Pam Ann View Profile

     Fresh from her sell-out ten-city USA tour, Pam Ann, the a-list air hostess to the stars, makes a much anticipated move to the US. Glamorous, hilarious and outrageous, Pucci-clad Pam has toured with Cher and crewed private jets for Elton John. She takes passengers on an extraordinary journey from boarding to landing and she does it her way. Fasten your seatbelts, stow your designer hand lugga...

  • Lisa Ann Walter

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    Lisa Ann Walter (born August 3, 1963) is an American actress, comedian, writer and film producer. She has appeared in such films as the 1998 version of The Parent Trap, Bruce Almighty, Shall We Dance, and War of the Worlds. Walter also created and starred in the short-lived 1996–1997 sitcom, Life's Work. She was a judge on ABC's ...

  • Johnny Anonymous

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    Johnny Anonymous is THE premier east valley band playing the widest variety of tunes out there! Johnny Anonymous is Arizona's Premiere Non-Stop Party Band! They  are the Official Band of John Jay & Rich and Wingstock. They've played large venues like HoHoKam Stadium, and in front of 10,000 for the 4th of July Festivities in Payson, AZ.

  • Aziz Ansari

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    Aziz Ansari, one of the biggest stars in the comedy world, brings his Modern Romance: A New Comedy Tour to the Wild West Comedy Festival. Rolling Stone labeled Ansari “the funniest man under 30." His much anticipated third hour-long stand-up special Buried Alive debuted on Netflix. The special was named one of the best standup specials of the year by The Onion AV Club and Paste Magazine...

  • Alien Ant Farm

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    Since the formation of Alien Ant Farm in 1995, the quartet has enjoyed worldwide success. Over the course of their four studio albums, cumulative sales surpass five million units a Grammy nomination and 4 top 10 singles. The band built a massive following on the road early in their career via high profile 2001 runs with Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Warped, and as the headliner on an MTV presented Fall...

  • Dave Anthony

    Dave Anthony View Profile

    I'm an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster. I've lived and worked in San Francisco, New York City, and currently reside near Los Angeles with my wife, Heather, and our son, Finn. I have a podcast called The Dollop, which I co-host with comedian Gareth Reynolds.  I have a second podcast called Walking The Room, which is now deceased but lives on t...

  • Joseph Anthony

    Joseph Anthony View Profile

     Stand-Up Comic     Actor     Writer One of the members of the “Monster Headliners of NY” (Minervini, DiBitetto, Kola, etc), Joseph Anthony is simply one of the best comics around. Having “grown up” with most of the huge names of stand-up comedians who got their start in the NY area, Joseph is revered as being at the top of hi...

  • Karl Anthony

    Karl Anthony View Profile

    Karl started his career as a stand-up comedian in Detroit. In a short time Karl became one of the most popular and requested acts across the country. Having appeared on Comedy Central and opening for many A-List comedians, such as Tim Allen, Jay Leno, Gilbert Gottfried, Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Garrett, Karl brings a manic, yet friendly observational style mixed with character vignettes, with him ...

  • Keith Anthony

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  • Mike Anthony

    Mike Anthony View Profile

    This natural entertainer grew up in St. Peter, MO., just west of St. Louis. “IT” all started in preschool. Full of energy and wit, his teachers gave him time in the early afternoons to entertain his classmates in order to minimize his comedic exploits during class time.  Michael did dance routines, mimicking Michael Jackson, and was a natural for leading roles in school plays. He ...

  • Mychael Anthony

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     This natural entertainer grew up in St. Peter, MO., just west of St. Louis. “IT” all started in preschool. Full of energy and wit, his teachers gave him time in the early afternoons to entertain his classmates in order to minimize his comedic exploits during class time. Michael did dance routines, mimicking Michael Jackson, and was a natural for leading roles in school...

  • Nicholas Anthony

    Nicholas Anthony View Profile

    "High-Energy/ Heady" Nicholas Anthony's curious mind takes random situations and twists them into comedic gems. With his quick, candid delivery he creates a fun-house ride audiences never forget. At 22, Nicholas received 1st place at the coveted Las Vegas Comedy Festival and since has been on 2 season's of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Nicholas Anthony is quickly becoming one...

  • Nick Anthony

    Nick Anthony View Profile

    "High-Energy/ Heady" Nicholas Anthony's curious mind takes random situations and twists them into comedic gems. With his quick, candid delivery he creates a fun-house ride audiences never forget. Nicholas received 1st place at the coveted Las Vegas Comedy Festival and has been on 2 season's of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Nicholas Anthony is quickly becoming one of America's top touring comedians. ...

  • Ryan Anthony

    Ryan Anthony View Profile

    Comedian and writer, Ryan Lumas , though new to the comedy scene, is as funny as they come! Ryan started comedy during his 7 years in the US Navy. With a style of comedy as unique to him as his experiences in the US Navy, and just life in general, he is guaranteed to, not only get you laughing, but keep you laughing as well. Ryan is also the creator, writer, and illustrator of the extremely funny,...

  • J Anthony Brown

    J Anthony Brown View Profile

     For those in the know, “WatchOutDehNow” is more than a heed to action, it’s the trademark catcall for funnyman J. Anthony Brown.  As a forerunner to today’s hot Black comedy scene, and one of the foremost kings of that comedy, J. Anthony Brown is finally receiving the accolades he so justly deserves. A staple on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning...

  • Hypnotist Anthony Potmesil

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    Their is a reason they call him "The Erotic Hypnotic." At the sexually frustrated age of 29, this nationally touring entertainer combines his unique blend of perversion and hypnosis to produce one of the hottest and most risque comedy/hypnosis shows in the world. Think you or your friends would make a great porn star? Why stop there, you or your friends can also experience the exciting l...

  • Armando Anto

    Armando Anto View Profile

    Armando Anto was born and raised in France. He began studying classical violin at the French National Conservatory at the age of 5. After earning his BA in Finance, he turned his virtuoso talent into a business, embarking on a world tour of violin concerts. Performing and teaching his art for over a decade, Armando began implementing more and more comedy in his performances. He understood that lau...

  • Craig Anton

    Craig Anton View Profile

    Craig Anton has made a living being funny for over 20 years. Working as a stand up comic and comic actor, he has a modern approach to what works in today's film and television market. Most of all, for the last 10 years he has helped other funny friends and actor's hone, develop and book work. His first pilot season in LA, Craig booked two pilots-- both went to series; First Time Ou...

  • Georg Anton

    Georg Anton View Profile

    Georg Anton is an LA-based actor from Austria, best known for his recent successes in film, TV, improv and theater in China. He speaks five languages including Mandarin Chinese. Georg went to China in 2007, where he joined the Beijing Actors Workshop and Beijing Improv. Successes on stage and opportunities in films and TV made the then part-time actor turn professional. Sinc...

  • Michael Antonucci

    Michael Antonucci View Profile

     Michael has studied improv at UCB under Lennon Parham, Doug Moe, Gavin Speiller and Will Hines. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a useless degree in traditional animation. Now, instead of making cartoons, he lives as one. You can see him performing with BLEAK! in their musical food western STOMACHTOWN. You can also see him 'round town with his other hilarious groups Captain...

  • Fahim Anwar

    Fahim Anwar View Profile

    Fahim Anwar is a Los Angeles-based standup comedian, actor and writer. He has performed as one of the “New Faces” at the JUST FOR LAUGHS FESTIVAL in Montreal. A regular in the L.A. comedy scene, and a finalist at NBC-Universal's Stand-Up for Diversity Showcase. In 2010 Fahim made his television debut with a large guest starring role on NBC's CHUCK. Most recently, he's recurred in seaso...

  • Tom Anzalone

    Tom Anzalone View Profile

  • Judd Apatow

    Judd Apatow View Profile

    JUDD APATOW is considered one of the most sought-after comedy minds in the business.  He has been closely associated with many of the biggest comedy films and hit TV shows over the last decade and a half. Apatow’s latest project is the HBO series Crashing serving as co-executive producer. He is also the co-executive producer of HBO’s Girls and Netflix’s Love. On the fil...

  • Kermet Apio

    Kermet Apio View Profile

    Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kermet Apio enjoyed a childhood in paradise. He spent his time watching television, playing, and procrastinating everything else. To this day, he still does all three extensively. After graduating from high school, Kermet moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. Seattle became home. In early 1989, Kermet did his first open mike night at t...

  • Beth Appel

    Beth Appel View Profile

     Beth Appel has been studying improv and sketch comedy at the UCB Theater since 2004. Her teachers have included Shannon O'Neill, Chris Gethard, Anthony King, Neil Casey, Charlie Sanders, Doug Moe, Eric Scott, and Will Hines. She currently writes for the UCB Maude Team NEIGHBOR BOY, is a member of the UCB Harold Team CAPTCHA, and can be seen as Patty in the SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP NYPD VARIETY H...

  • Jeff Applebaum

    Jeff Applebaum View Profile

    After 20+ years in California, this New York City native is finally learning to understand the local language. Jeff’s comedy examines his particular life experiences, which include being the only white kid on his Little League team in Queens, moving to Long Island for high school, having a Chinese wife and raising children who calls themselves “Jewnese,” because he says it sounds...

  • Josh Applebaum

    Josh Applebaum View Profile

    Josh Applebaum Josh is a freshman at the NYU Stern School of Business, and is thriving in NYC where everyone “sounds like his father and grandparents.”   He is an accomplished, competitive swimmer, and the pride of his family.   He caught the “stand-up comedy bug” at the age of eight, and has performed with Elayne Boosler and the late Robin Williams.&nb...

  • Age Appropriate

    Age Appropriate View Profile

    Age Appropriate is an inspired two person improvised show.  Each show explores dimensions of different characters and their often emotionally charged relationships with each other.  And, they're really funny dudes.

  •  Appy Ever After

    Appy Ever After View Profile

    Appy Ever After Sydney, Australia, January 2011, 7mins Short Film Synopsis*: The table is set for a romantic dinner. Kate has prepared something special but unfortunately Steve is stuck at the office. In today's ever changing world of phone technology can Kate and Steve keep the romance alive? Steve thinks he's found the perfect 'app' to keep them living in marital bliss.... *Director(s)*:...

  • Al Aprill

    Al Aprill View Profile

  • Carly Aquilino

    Carly Aquilino View Profile

    MTV's "Girl Code" Carly Aquilino is a stand-up comedian described by audience members as “funny” and by her father as “a huge mistake”.  As a New York native, Carly first stepped on stage at Gotham Comedy Club and has since been quickly rising in the comedy scene, performing at the most popular clubs in New York.   Carly's hobbies are...

  • Fernando Arau

    Fernando Arau View Profile

    In 1997, after a successful 23 year career in Mexico, Fernando Arau was hired by Univision, the most important Spanish language network in the United States, as host of "Despierta America", the highest rated morning Spanish language show in the country. "Despierta America" has been on the air for eight years attaining incredible success. It is a live, three-hour program that ai...

  • Rhiannon Archer

    Rhiannon Archer View Profile

    Rhiannon Archer is a standup comedian and amateur crooner hailing from Toronto Canada. In addition she is a writer who has written for television shows such as CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and CTV’s new sitcom, Spun Out. She has been nominated for 2 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Newcomer and Best Comedy short. Rhiannon has been a part of many festivals throughout North Ame...

  • Ryan Archibald

    Ryan Archibald View Profile

    Ryan Archibald (Ensemble) grew up in Barrington, IL and attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he played football for the Fighting Illini. Ryan has performed with The Second City all over the world, including a stay with their resident company in Las Vegas and aboard Norwegian Epic among others. Ryan has also written and performed seven revues for Boom! Chicago in Amsterdam....

  • Dino Archie

    Dino Archie View Profile

    I’m not doing that 3rd person tense as if someone else wrote this. I started out writing and acting but I always wanted to be a funny. Had two pilots Welcome to Jucco and Warriors coming soon, maybe. But I love stand up. I like to make it feel like we’re in a bar or living room where you can talk shit about anything and make it funny. I split my time between Vancouver and LA. Most rece...

  • Jeff Arcuri

    Jeff Arcuri View Profile

    "The Chicago Tribune" calls Jeff Arcuri "a joke machine," but he's not! He's a person! Jeff ran away from home in Michigan in 2012 and landed in Chicago, where he quickly became a regular at The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Bar, and Zanies Comedy Clubs. Jeff's incisive humor is carried by a huge smile and subtle naivety. His unique brand of comedy has earned him an app...

  • We Are A Dragon

    We Are A Dragon View Profile

    We Are a Dragon! We make up stories on the spot and improvise fast-paced scenes inspired by them. Based on the 'WeirDass' format.

  • We Are Thomasse

    We Are Thomasse View Profile

    The New York Times says, "The married comedy duo of Nick Afka Thomas and Sarah Ann Masse combine his droll British wit and her joke-packed American energy in this clever, cross-cultural sketch show." And with over 3.5 million views for their online videos, and features on Funny or Die and Whohaha (among many others), We Are Thomasse's unique brand of super fast-paced, high-concept, B...

  • Chris Arena

    Chris Arena View Profile

  • Dave Arena

    Dave Arena View Profile

    Dave Arena's unique comedy point of view is evident by his personal mantra: Breathe, Laugh and Take Nothing Seriously And he lives it every day. He has laughed in the face of lawsuits, US Marshals beating down his door, multiple car crashes, failed businesses, completely stupid acts on his part (lots of stupid acts on his part), financial disasters; nothing can stop him from laughing and ...

  • Jacque Arend

    Jacque Arend View Profile

    Jacque Arend started improvising in 2005 at the IO Chicago summer intensive. Since, she co-founded The Torch Theatre in 2007 and has been instructing and performing regularly since. Jacque was a founding member of the house teams Mail Order Bride and Light Rail Pirates. In addition, she performs regularly with MuChuChu, JaxN Reed, Birds & Broads and the Skewed News Hour. Jacque has play...

  • Rob Arenth

    Rob Arenth View Profile

    Starting out as a classically trained guitarist at the age of 11, Rob Arenth attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts in the 8th grade. This path continued in high school when he won the prestigious "Louis Armstrong Jazz Award," which helped facilitate a full music scholarship to Seminole College in Orlando, under the teachings of jazz great Dr. Bill Hinkle.   Performing as a...

  • Marcella Arguello

    Marcella Arguello View Profile

    Too lazy to shoot hoops and too tall to model, Marcella Arguello stands over 6 feet. Although she may be taller than most men, the only thing more intimidating than her height is her comedy. Marcella mixes a combination of genuine reason with a sexy suggestion of street. Deemed as “sexually and ethnically ambiguous” she appeals to everyone and is not afraid to tell you how she really f...

  • Josh Argyle

    Josh Argyle View Profile

    Josh Argyle is a standup comedian and writer. He lives in the San Francisco bay area. Josh is a co-producer of the Shits and Giggles Comedy Festival in Arcata California. He also co produces an improvised standup comedy show called "It's just 2 minutes" in San Francisco. . Before Josh started standup he did improv comedy for 5 years. During that time He played characters ranging from...

  • Steve Arik

    Steve Arik View Profile

    An award winning comedy club veteran of over 25 years, Steve Arik has built a solid reputation as a consistent crowd favorite. With a look and a style that would appear more at home on a classic rock concert stage, Steve Arik stands out doing stand-up. His adult humor can border on explicit, without being offensive. His endearing, charismatic stage presence allows him to delve into most any topic,...

  • Derek Armand

    Derek Armand View Profile

  • Nate Armbruster

    Nate Armbruster View Profile

     Nate Armbruster was invited to perform at the Gilda’s Laugh Fest two years in a row. Audiences and peers alike have described Nate Armbruster as one of the funniest acts around. Doing comedy all over the country and the Midwest, Nate is always a crowd favorite by keeping his comedy clean and something everyone can look forward to. When he’s on stage you know you can leave the sho...

  • Fred Armisen

    Fred Armisen View Profile

    Armisen grew up in Long Island, New York. His mother is of Venezuelan descent and his father is of German and Japanese ancestry.[1] He attended the School of Visual Arts (NYC).[2] Armisen is SNL's second Asian-American cast member (after Rob Schneider, who is part Filipino) as well as the second Hispanic-American cast member (after Horatio Sanz, who is Chilean-American).[3] With Darrell Hammo...

  • Sara Armour

    Sara Armour View Profile

    Sara Armour is NY Based Comedian who does so much self-help work that her success is inevitable. In 2015, Sara competed on Season 9 of NBC's Last Comic Standing, headlined Caroline's on Broadway as part of their Breakout Artist Series, showcased in the New York Comedy Festival, and was a finalist (and the only woman) in Comedy Central's New York's Funniest Stand-up Competiti...

  • Jon Armstrong

    Jon Armstrong View Profile

    Named Close Up Magician of the Year, Jon Armstrong's amazing close-up skills and comedy have brought him numerous awards and nominations throughout his career.   Jon Armstrong has performed for some of the most prestigious audiences in over 30 countries worldwide. Growing up in Orlando, Florida, Jon became fascinated by the magic he saw in the theme parks around him and dreamed of havin...

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