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Ammar was born in Appleton, WI . The only Indian redneck in his neck of woods made him a rare commodity. Elementary school sucked but then he went to Brookfield Academy where he learned about fancy cheeses and Abercrombie.

College was enlightening but hey the details are none of your business. Med school is a piece of cake so far ...assuming the cake weighs 3 tons and is made of sharp metal.

So why comedy you say? Mainly because over the years i would say odd stuff which would make people think I was crazy. But on stage, nothing is abnormal and a person can have fun. Plus I wanted to make a lot of money and meet amazing people..... and by lots I mean no money and by amazing people I mean potheads and homeless comics (who I cherish nonetheless)

So support Freedom/Ammar Ali comedy/Awesomeness (they are synonymous)


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